Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Write On Wednesday - Right On!

This week is my first go at participation in Write On Wednesday. Becca was kind enough to invite me into the mix, and I've been so wrapped up in moving crap that I haven't been able to oblige. I think it's a wonderful idea--a great way to kick start my writing juices, so here we go.

This week's question:
Do you ever feel the need to jump start your writing? What drains the energy from your “writing mind”? What do you do when your creative battery dies?

What an apropos question! Given all do I say this nicely?...turbulence in my life as of late, the writing urge has been almost completely dormant. Stress, whether it be related to finances, relationships, or work, tends to drain me creatively. I have yet to figure out exactly which types of stress fuel me creatively and which drain me. One day I might be driven to write based on some sadness or pain while the next day I might hunker down under the covers with a bag of Doritos and never want to come out again. Weird.

As for recharging, feeling productive again usually stokes the creative fire. Once I got home from this move and started clearing out boxes, I really started feeling like myself again. I cleaned out multiple boxes of books that will go to the used book store, I threw out clutter I haven't missed in a year so what would be the point in keeping it? I cleaned, I organized, I got my life back in order again, and with that comes rational thought and a clearer purpose.

I have my next Bibliobuffet column squared away, I have an idea for the one after that, and I'm seriously staring down the possibility of starting my book. I have this free time, so I MUST USE IT.

Many times writing is just a matter of pressing on in the face of doubt and disillusion. Putting words on a page, even when we think they're crap, can be a perfect fix in itself.

To read more about my Muse (or lack thereof), read this tongue-firmly-in-cheek post from 2005.


  1. "Putting words on a page" - that is all it is, isn't it? But then the strength in that - wow!

  2. Not sure what happend there, I did leave a comment but it seems to have disappeared into the ether, literally. I think it's bloody hard to keep at it and there are always other things that seem to take priority, they never fit into with what you want to write about, do they?

  3. I can really relate to this post. If I am feeling stressed out and tired..all creativity goes out the window.

    I think you made a good point - you have to keep pushing on.

    Good luck with getting settled and feeling like yourself again!

  4. Welcome Andi! I was thinking the Dorito idea sounded really good. When my life is uncluttered so is my mind.

  5. I think you're right, it is about putting words to a page even when they sound like crap. I was doing pretty good about setting aside time to write, but I've kind of lost the habit in the past few months. I need to get motivated again!

  6. "Many times writing is just a matter of pressing on in the face of doubt and disillusion."

    Andi, that's great advice for writing and for life! I like your advice about getting your personal house in order - that helps get my creative brain in order too. I hate clutter, and sometimes the creative clutter immobilizes me as well. You know the kind - when you've got ideas for things you want to write, and books to be reviewed, and not enough time to get to it. That's another version of brain drain entirely!

    Thanks for participating in Write On Wednesday!

  7. I love the chips reference:"...while the next day I might hunker down under the covers with a bag of Doritos and never want to come out again. Weird..."

    Not weird at all! Doritos! (I may go buy some right now as I am in a definite post-writing writing funk!)

  8. Exactly, Andi. There is great strength in it. It's sort of staggering isn't it?

    Seachanges, I know what you mean. The 'net eats my comments all the time. And you're right, they never do fit. It's tough to prioritize these things sometimes.

    Thanks, Christine! It's nice to know that we all have relatively similar struggles to be creative. Makes it seem less lonely when it can be SO FRUSTRATING.

    Thanks, Nik!

    LOL, thanks Tammy. The Spicy Nacho are my personal favorite.

    Kim, it's sort of like working out for me...I have to get up, get it done, and then if I can do a little more than usual that's a plus.

    Becca, I completely know what you mean. At those times I have to sit down and make a prioritized list or else the mental clutter would stop me dead in my tracks.

    LOL, oh! I'm glad you can relate. :)

  9. I agree with this wholeheartedly - stress knocks all the creative stuffing out of me and I feel like I have no head space. Having a clear out or a tidy up is a really good idea, though. I can see how it might make you feel ready to get into the work again.

  10. Sometimes after a pause, it almost seems that I need to write some fairly bad stuff just to warm up again.

  11. Oh, my! Stress is hard, isn't it? We've been going through that, too. Seems like a lot of us Wednesday writers are! I clean and sort, too. Among other things!

    Welcome to Write on Wednesday! I'll come back and visit your blog when I have a bit more time!

  12. Litlove, it's the trustiest way for me to move on with anything creative. Cleaning is therapy. lol

    Good point, Stu! I tend to be a horrible perfectionist, so it's terrible for me...writing the necessary crap...but it is just that, necessary!

    Thanks for stopping by, Jeanie! I'll be checking out your blog shortly. :)


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