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Breaking Dawn Review (no spoilers)

This is going to be a really vague review since I'm trying not to give away any particularly important plot points (unlike the little bastard reviewers at Amazon). If you want to talk about it in depth, PLEASE SEND ME AN E-MAIL!--andi (dot) miller (at) gmail (dot) com. So, here we go...

WOW! What a freakin' wild ride. I have to say, this latest book is stunning. Meyer continues the story of Bella, Edward and Jacob in the biggest book of the series, weighing in at a daunting 756 pages. As usual, Bella is clumsy, Edward is beautiful (annoyingly so at times), and Jacob is far less manipulative and whiny than he was in Eclipse. He's still my literary crush. I *heart* Jacob Black. There, I said it. Like most fans, I had a particular type of book in mind for this fourth installment. I had my predictions and a certain plot laid out in my head from the moment I turned the last page of Eclipse.

And did Stephenie Meyer give it to me?? Uhhh, yeah. And then some. Quite honestly, she took this book in directions I never would've guessed at and elevated her characters to a level of emotional maturity that most fans would probably not anticipate. Again, see the reviews at Amazon (if you don't mind spoilers)...the teeny boppers are pissed that she didn't stick to their plan.

While many reviewers are saying that this book just doesn't fit with the others and that the characters did things that were out of their norm, I disagree. I think Stephenie Meyer kept them pretty well in character but put them in situations that were quite shocking in some respects. It's hard to explain, but this book seemed to move quicker even though there was less action. There was a lot of waiting around and dialogue, but overall I found it an incredibly quick and absorbing read. Biggest complaint: something of an anticlimactic ending. You'll see. Not horrible, just not as much flash as I expected.

I generally have some issues with Ms. Meyer's writing (some of it makes me cringe at times), but she tells an involving tale that I couldn't quickly pull myself out of. When I finished it yesterday afternoon I had to take a nap. I felt like I'd run a marathon.

Read it! Just do it. You know your curiosity is clawing at you.

And while you're out blog reading, stop over at Tammy's blog, Under a Blood Red Sky, and read her response to the hoo-hah over at Amazon. As Tammy so expertly put it:

I get the feeling that most of these teens had the plot carefully planned in their own heads, and when Meyer decided to deviate from those pipe dreams, their worlds were shattered, making her THE WORST AUTHOR EVER. OMG, how are we all going to live? It won't do a bit of good to remind them that ultimately, they got what they wanted, because Meyer threw in some curves that took them on a ride they didn't meet the height requirement for.

Read the rest because it made me CHEER! Click HERE.


  1. Ah, you're a sweetie for including the bit from my blog.

    I haven't finished yet--I should finish today (actually I *should* be working in my room at school, but that's another story). I'm still liking it. I totally agree about the quality of Meyer's writing at times...but when the *big* transition came, I thought she was expert. Love it.

    I'll email you when I'm done so we can compare notes.

  2. lalalalalala

    I can't hear you!!!

    Will be back...probably tonight or early tomorrow. Although, I expect we'll be emailing about this one for days!!

  3. Tammy, I had school stuff to do yesterday (still planning those darn internet classes), but I had bigger fish to fry. Nothing like a killer case of booklust. And amen re: the big transition. I thought she handled everything REALLY well.

    Heatheroo, waiting for your reaction is KILLING ME! lol We will definitely be e-mailing for days.

  4. OMG, you guys are killing me! I just HAVE to go out and get that book, just so I can figure out what all the teenagers are all in a huff over!

  5. LOL, Steph! You'll see! Sending the enabling vibes your way!

  6. I'm already moving quickly on the library waiting list. We will see if I have patience. Thanks for the review and the link to Taminator's post. I'll email you after I've read it.

  7. LOL, Andi, at your post on my "current read" (at my blog). Yes, I'm reading TWILIGHT, and I'm loving it!

    And, wow... you didn't know I was with Wordpress? Really? I've been there for quite a while, already, though it was at "The Book Zone" first... I only recently changed my blog to "Should Be Reading". LOL.

    Anyway. Glad you "found" me again. :)


  8. Can't wait to hear what you think, Purl!

    MizB, that's right! I knew you were at Wordpress because I've visited BookZone quite often. I didn't realize you'd switched over to Should Be Reading until today. Somehow I missed putting Book Zone into my google reader so I'm way behind. I have a tendency to accidentally skip when I read down the row of blogs when I'm inputting new ones from my sidebar.

  9. I completely disagree and think that the teeny boppers were the ones who loved it, as I am quite a bit too old to fit that demographic.

  10. Anonymous, sorry to offend your critical sensibilities. I chose the "teenybopper" term simply for the fact that many of the reviews at Amazon were completely whiney and ill-thought. There were a few naysayers who disliked the book with dignity and grace and great points to back up their contentions, but those opinions were definitely lacking overall.

  11. After just finishing books two and three over the weekend, I must report that I really want a t-shirt that says "Team Jacob". =) Also, I'm really scared that someone dies in this last book - I don't know why, just this ominous feeling I have, like a dark cloud hanging over me until I get my hands on a copy. It's torture.

  12. Thanks for posting a non-spoiler review. I checked on Amazon really quick but then quickly skimmed for fear of spoilers.
    Ah kids. *shakes her head*

    I work at Barnes and Noble and so I've been into the series for a few months and haven't read BD yet.
    Though by your review it seems exciting and I can sympathise with the teen demographic; they grate on my nerves.

    I've yet to find sane Twilight fans but I'd like to discuss the series with others when I'm done. =)

  13. I rushed out and bought my copy on release day (4th, yesterday in the UK) and am now half way through and loving it so far. It's so much better than New Moon and Eclipse at the moment. Way more is going on and no one is quite so annoying which is good. I can't wait to see what new twists are planned for the second half.

    Andi - May email you when I finish it (hopefully today or tomorrow).

  14. I loved both your reviews. Now, I suppose I'll need to catch up, since I've only read Twilight. :)

  15. I'm on a bit of a break to leave this comment but I haven't finished the book yet. Nearing the end though, a handful of chapters left. Still, can I just have a fan moment here and say I*HEART* Jacob as well?

    I was glad of the unexpected turn the story made. Talk about growing up! I mean, that's as far as I can say without leaving spoilers :)

    Email you once I'm done (or after I woke up that is).

  16. I haven't read it yet (I'm on the hold list at the library), and I have to admit that I wasn't exactly excited. But your review, espeically this -- "...the teeny boppers are pissed that she didn't stick to their plan."-- kind of upped the anticipation. Now that I know she's not being predictible, I may actually want to read the book. (As opposed to just feeling like I need to becuase I started the series...)

  17. You won't believe what I did... I read the spoilers on Amazon! I know, shameful. But, believe it or not, now I want to read it because I can't actually believe some of the stuff that's been posted. I gotta make sure for myself! ha,ha...
    I'm glad you really enjoyed it and I think I will have to read it. I already read the previous books I might as well as finish out the series :)

  18. Well, I was thinking I would give this last book a pass, but now I think I might have to read it after all. I wonder if it matters that I didn't read the third book? I'm tempted to just go read the spoilers, but I will try and resist.

  19. Eli, CHEERS for Team Jacob!!! Yay! Eclipse really pushed me over the edge onto his team. Literary crush, literary crush! I can't wait until you get your hands on Breaking Dawn. I'd love to know what you think of it. And do you want me to tell you if someone dies? I'll tell if it'll ease your frayed nerves. lol

    Welcome, Silhouette! I got in a bit o'trouble with an anon poster (above) for throwing in the teenybopper thing, but based on those Amazon reviews, if they're adults writing them, they act like teens. Bad teens. Unlikeable and bothersome teens. I know a great many teens with more sense than those reviewers in general. lol I hope you enjoy BD when you get to it!

    Rhinoa, they're far more mature in this novel. Less angst. Less angst is good! Definitely let me know what you think when you finish.

    Nancy, jump on the Twilight train! You'll whip through New Moon in no time.

    Lightheaded, I'm doing the DANCE OF JOY to see more Jacob fans coming out of the woodwork. I love Edward, too, don't get me wrong, but Jacob is my beloved underdog (pun undeniable).

    Ooh, Melissa. Not at ALL predictable. I think it's worth the read even if you dislike it when it's over.

    Ha! Iliana, well if those spoilers are motivation, I say yay for the spoilerers. lol I hope you like it. It's all in there, but it's far less horrifying than it sounds in those reviews (I think so anyway).

    Read it, Danielle!!!! Personally I think it's pretty important to have read the third book simply because it sets up a lot of the dynamics between the Cullens and the werewolves, but if you just want to know how it ends, dive into Breaking Dawn and I'll fill in any gaps I can.

  20. I still have Eclipse to read, but I'm more anxious now since it sounds like Breaking Dawn is a huge success. Thanks for the nonspoiler review!

  21. Yours is the 3rd rave review I've read about this book in the last 10 minutes!

  22. Les, it's one of those books that can go either way depending on the reader's expectations. Some people hate, but I loooved it.

    LOL, Jen! Then you definitely need to speed through the series and give it a go for yourself. ;)

  23. Yeah, I finally finished Breaking Dawn!! It was FUN!

  24. I am finally getting to this book now. I really don't know what to expect because I am not as big a fan of this series as other people... We will see, I guess!

  25. Interesting because I got the impression that the teen girls were the ones writing the positive reviews over at amazon. I read some very thoughtful negative reviews over at Amazon, and I'm in the camp with the negative reviewers. I had so many problems with the plot, and as was the case with the previous three books, the writing itself was subpar. Interestingly, I couldn't put the book down. Despite the ickiness of the plot and writing, she somehow manages to make the book compelling at the same time.


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