Thursday, August 28, 2008

Color Me Overwhelmed

WHOA! I went to class last night (four hours), and now I'm completely overwhelmed. Well, maybe not completely, but I will definitely be investing in a whopping desk calendar with plenty of room for "to-do" and whatnot. The course doesn't sound terribly mentally taxing, but there's a ton of leg work involved. It's one of those courses that gets students accustomed to the types of resources available out there. Fun! In an "Oh My God, all the work!" way.

The drive to class alone is almost an hour and a half, so by the time I got home at 11:00 last night I was both pooped and wired (sounds like a band, Pooped and Wired). I think I finally fell asleep sometime around 1:30, and I was up bright and early with Daisyroo at 6:30. Mom and I lounged around for awhile, went for breakfast, and I spent the rest of the afternoon downloading and printing Power Point presentations for my class and planning next week's work for the classes I'm teaching.

All in all it's been a RIDICULOUSLY productive day for me (I even got dressed), and I have every intention of spending tonight curled up with The Position. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's awesome. Equal parts hilarious, awkward, and nostalgic. I wish I had more to say, but I really just kinda wanna lie down. I'll be back with more significant book chatter tomorrow.

In the meantime, well hell, I don't even have an entertaining link to share. Go eat some Doritos and meet me back here tomorrow.

Note: Spicy Nacho are by far my favorite.


  1. Hang in there! If they've told you this they are right...after this semester it is all down hill. And I had to get a dayplanner/calendar too for all the stuff they make you do. Good luck!!

  2. LOL, thanks Amanda! Although, I have heard that 5200 is way worse than any other class out there. I cower in fear.

  3. Sounds like it's going to be a great class, even with all the work!! I'm super green with envy over your new line of study!!

    By the way, Cool Ranch Doritoes are by far the best!

  4. Wow, 4 hours...I just started grad school, and each of the classes is three hours and it's already killing me...good luck!

  5. SPICY NACHO....YUMMY. I also like the habernero ones. But so spicy! Hurts your mouth!

  6. Doritos!! Yum! Taco flavor dipped in fat-free sour cream is a major weakness of mine. Though I'm getting pretty hooked on the Habenero flavor, and then new one which is called something like Sweet & Hot Chili.

    Good luck with everything!!

  7. I told you you would like The Position. ;) I started Garden Spells this morning and I already adore it.

    You do sound crazy busy. And so productive! I'm proud of you!

    And my goodness, but I love Doritos. I love Cheez Doodles more, but Doritos are a close second. Ain't nothing better than curling up with a good book, some Cheez Doodles and a Dr. Pepper. Hmmmm....

  8. Hopefully this long weekend will get you ready for the craziness ahead.

  9. I think I just heard Pooped and Wired on the radio :O) Wow, you are a busy little bee! Go relax, and I am going to tell you this and know that I may be ridiculed but you know what dorito's make me think of? What my pooch's feet smell like! Little baby cheese dorito feet! HAHA

  10. I just had my first week of classes and the first thing I'm doing this afternoon is buying a new calendar. It's going to be another hectic, academic year.

  11. Dorito!!!! (One of) my indulgences!

    The eleven pm thing sounds physically taxing to me. I'm an early bird so I have to be in bed early, like really early. :)

    I hope the classes work out fine for you. I've been spending a lot of time preparing lessons since this is the first time I teach Anna Karenina.

    A dayplanner would certainly help!

    Have a great long weekend Andi! :)

  12. You sound as if you are really enthusiastic about everything you're involved with and that is sooo good. Do make sure though, that you allow yourself enough down time. Get out ther with Daisy and really enjoy that time with the books.

  13. The drive to class alone is almost an hour and a half. Aren't you glad you have a Prius?!

  14. Doritos and a huge desk calendar? Sounds like you have everything you need! I'm intrigued by "The Positions" book you mentioned...

  15. Good heavens, that is a long commute. Are the classes you're taking mostly online? I hope you aren't having to drive all that way all the time! Yuck

  16. Stephanie, I hope so! So far, so good. And I have a bag of Cool Ranch, too! Love 'em. Not as much as 'picy nacho, though.

    Thanks, Krishna! It's a pain, but at least all of the classes don't meet so far away. That helps my motivation quite a bit.

    Kristen, I am a HUGE fan of spicy stuff, hot even, but the habanero KILL ME. Can't handle it. You're a better woman than I!

    Lezlie, the taco and sour cream sounds YUMMY! Can't handle the hotter ones. I had a bag of habanero last week and wanted to die. The chili ones are Ok though!

    Heatheroo, I do love The Position. After I finish this Obama book I'll be back to it. And I'm so glad you're liking (probably already done with) Garden Spells! So fun, isn' it?

    Nik, I got a LOT of class stuff done ahead of time, so I can coast for the next week or two. Yay!

    Funky, I am SO GLAD you said that! Daisy's feet smell like fritos. A crazy boy bud of mine insists that's the correct dog smell. When they smell like chili cheese fritos, then you have a problem.

    Amen, BC! I've been loading my calendar up, too.

    Matt, I used to be a late night person, but ever since I've started working out more, I have to get up early and get it done, or I won't do it at all. I can tell I'm gonna have to do some pre-class napping for that 11pm night.

    Will do, Ann! I love being busy, so it's a really good thing for me, but I do indulge in quite a bit of Daisy snugglin', too. :)

    Les, YES I AM! I get a little thrill watching it not use much gas! I've gone 200 miles on this tank without losing even one notch on the gas meter.

    Bellezza, it's a hoot!

    Kim, I'm taking two classes this semester. One is completely online, and this one I'm taking now will go online after the 4th class meeting. We'll have to go back for a few more sessions (a speaker and a final project presentation), but it's a lot better than having to go every single week.


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