Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's happened. Last night I acquired a very nasty and intrusive computer virus, so it looks like I'm tethered to my mom's desktop for four or five days. The upside to all this is that I will definitely get some reading done. I hate actually sitting in front of a desktop computer (and mom's is stashed away in the office/utility room that feels like a tomb), so I'll check in on my classes two or three times a day and spend the rest of my waking hours pillaging books and playing with Miss Daisy.
I'll check in on my bloggy buds a bit, but I won't be surfing like I usually do. I will have a review posted of The Solitary Vice later today or tomorrow. Probably a shorty since I'll write a longer review for Bibliobuffet. Keep an eye out!
I'm off to console myself with David Sedaris humor and blueberry sour cream scones.


  1. Quick, pour chicken soup in the vents!

  2. Nothing worse than a virus of any kind. I'll think evil thoughts against all people who create them.

  3. Just read your latest Bibliobuffet column and while I myself am an avid (notbook based) book list maker I'd never thought to highlight the books that made my top ten in any special way. Thanks for adding a new layer to my bookish obsessiveness.

    (Also to take a simple screenshot press the prtscn button at the top right of your keyboard, open a new doc in microsoft word and click paste).

  4. Good idea, Stu!

    Steph, you have nooo idea. It blows royally.

    Booo, Stephanie two.

    Thank, Tammy! I've been doing the same.

    Enjoy your highlighting, Jodie! And I've tried that but for some reason it won't work on my laptop. Might've worked on the desktop but I didn't think about it at the time. lol

  5. that totally and utterly SUCKS and my advice to you...GET. A. MAC!


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