Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the weird world rolls on.

The day after the startling discovery was miraculously boring, and I certainly can't complain about that. I thought about posting some angry girl music and a rant, but that's so cliche, so instead I bring you humor. The stupidest Leann Rimes video ever. And that's saying quite a bit. Appropriately titled "Life Goes On." For your viewing pleasure....

Note: I'll give $100 to anyone who can decipher her nasally lyrics. And I really think I should've walked around the French Quarter in a slip and a black bra today. I would've felt much better, and according to this video I'd have a smokin' piece o'man on my tail. You think this is a tribute to Katrina survivors?

So, snark aside, it was a really uneventful day. I let Daisy sleep in my bed last night instead of her crate, so she woke me up early, I let her out, and we went back to bed. Got up, got pretty, and went running around with Mom. Bought a new bottle of wine, some organic greens, sirloins, new Coldplay CD. Normal stuff. I told Mom I felt it my duty to look nice after having my pride stepped all over and pissed upon. Makeup and everything. On a Saturday!

Once I got home, I gave Daisy a bath, which meant I got an impromtu bath myself. She smells much better and is far less gritty.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon finishing off Paul Auster's newest novel, Man in the Dark (the title of this post is a line from the book). It was excellent. Watch for a Sunday Salon review coming up tomorrow (or maybe later tonight).

Also on the horizon, a review of the BlackBerry Pearl. Or as I call her, Just Pearl.

Annnd, I'm afraid the vid may be cutting off the comments. Not sure why it would do that, but it did the same thing with a recent It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia post.


  1. Uneventful is good! And, it sounds like you've been having a good day, make up and all :)

    Looking forward to your review of the Auster book.

  2. Austerness!!! I can't wait!

  3. Just Pearl, you'll love it. i had one, but have moved on to an iPhone. and the new HTC diamond. yes, i have two phones. pathetic, i realize...

    any leads on a good read? i'm reading murakami (again, again) "south of the border, west of the sun," but they go so quickly!

  4. Uneventful is great! lol Sometimes it just makes a day better to look pretty. Can't wait to share the Auster review!

    LOL, Nancy! This was a good one.

    Julie, I dooo love it. And I never thought I'd be one of those people attached to the phone all the time. It does come in quite handy for work, though, and holding all my deadlines and whatnot. In fact, I even find that I'm on the computer less. I'll close it up and read and can still handle student e-mail as it pours in! Yay!

    How do you like your iPhone? I saw one of my students playing with one the other day.

    Oh I loooove Murakami. Maybe I need to read some more of his stuff to keep my good reading luck going.


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