Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Good, Bad, and Wayyy Ugly Morning

So far today:

  • I walked a couple of miles, REALLY early
  • I cooked the bacon that needed cooking
  • I spilled the bacon grease all down my shirt
  • I washed the shirt
  • I lightly browned a roast that will crock pot cook all day
  • I failed to realize the roast had one of those little plastic blood sucking sheets stuck to the bottom
  • I melted said plastic sheet to a skillet
  • I put roast in crock pot with yummy mushroom and onion soups
  • I forgot to plug in said crock pot

I seem to have recovered from my flightiness to some degree at this mid-morning hour. I think I'll stay inside today, else I might pull a Harold Crick and step in front of a bus.

In a possible fortuitous turn of events, I went to the city website to apply for the part-time library gig, and oddly enough the posting didn't show up. Librarian Friend had called me earlier in the day to tell me the post was posted, so I have no idea why it wasn't showing. I decided since I couldn't fill out the application, I might as well do some stuff for Access and Retrieval class. In an effort to answer one of the questions on my former university's website (the one where I got my MA), I realized they're hiring a LIBRARY ASSISTANT FULL-TIME. So, instead of the part-time application, I've now filled out the full-time application which would mean BENEFITS. And I have a friend in the library already who could give me a GLOWING recommendation.

Cross your parts!


  1. F'in A! That is awesome!

    All parts duly crossed. And fervent prayers being said. Woot!

  2. Consider them crossed! :-)


  3. Crossing -- mkes it dificlt to tyype thouuh.

  4. Good luck, Andi! *crosses parts*

  5. Benefits! That's exciting! Makes up for the kitchen 'incidents.' ;)

  6. LOL about your morning. I kind of had one of those weird mornings too, but I think your was funnier. Anyway, that would be just peachy-keen if you came to work at our school. Hey, it is a gathering? Are all the chickens coming home to roost? Glory days are here again, whoo-hoo!

  7. I had a day like that, last week -- the first half of the day, so many things went wrong that I thought either I was jinxed or I'd turned into Super Klutz. It was actually kind of frightening.

    I've crossed my lungs for you. Hack, cough. Okay, forget that. Now, we're on toes.

  8. All parts crossed, even those that technically *shouldn't* get crossed. Good luck!

  9. What a morning! But, let's forget that and focus on crossing all parts so you get that job!!

    Sending you good vibes girl!

  10. Ha ha, your roast incident reminds me of something I did. Someone gave us this ridiculous battery-operated pepper mill. While I was showing my friend how silly it was, the bottom of it (most of it) dropped into this pot of pinto beans I was cooking. I fished most of it out, but only discovered after the beans were done and I was making them into refried beans that I had left a battery in there!

    My parts are crossed for you!

  11. Good luck! Parts are crossed...

  12. I'm sorry, your morning misadventures did make me a laugh a bit.
    I've been almost putting things in the wrong places lately.. the cups in the fridge, the o.j. in the cupboard...
    All parts that can be, are crossed!

  13. I think I had a similar morning to you!
    I'm applying for jobs at the moment too so my fingers will be crossed for both of us!

  14. This is what you get for believing in the existence of early mornings. Good luck with the application though.

  15. Thanks, Heatheroo and Lezlie!

    LOL, Terri. I can always count on you for a giggle.

    Thank you muchly Sassy and Nymeth!

    Eva, isn't that the truth? I know I'm finally a real live adult when I get excited over benefits.

    Fem, I wish the other chickens were roosting! I miss Lil E chicken especially. :) You and I still need to Clay Pit. E-mail me!

    Thanks, 3M! Me too!

    Ha! Thanks, Nancy! I'm pretty sure I was wearing the Super Klutz crown for a bit there yesterday. Mom informed me that I put the corkscrew in the towel drawer last night, too. Lovely. I blame that on the wine.

    LOL, thank you, Tammy!

    Thanks a bunch, Iliana! I'm going to the university to drop off the application today.

    Dewey, that's a GREAT story. Cackled out loud as a matter of fact!

    Thanks a bunch, Logophile!

    Nat, they made me laugh after the fact. :) Oh, and speaking of putting things in the wrong places: I opened a bottle of wine last night while I was watching House MD and I ended up putting the corkscrew in the kitchen towel drawer instead of the kitchen gadgets drawer. My mother asked me how much I had exactly. Only one glass! lol

    Lots of crossing for us both, Karen!

    You're exactly right, Stu. lol

  16. Some mornings are just like that. Good luck with the job opening!

  17. The cooking story made me giggle.

    Good luck!

    (And I gave your blog an award!)

  18. Awww, Andi! What a crazy way to start the day! You're probably all done with bad luck now. (fingers crossed) I think it's because of mercury going retrograde or something.

  19. Fingers are crossed! Good luck!!

  20. O wow! Good luck I hope you get it!


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