Thursday, September 25, 2008

Interview Time & New Toys

Don't get too excited, it's not an interview for a full-time position. However, it's still pretty darn exciting. And I should preface this by saying, it's for the SPRING. I'm not crazy enough to take anything else on this semester.

A few weeks ago my peeps at Former University (not its legal name) passed along an online teaching opportunity in Children's Literature. I promptly put in a phone call to the department head and dropped my CV into his e-mail inbox, and voila, I have a phone interview on Monday at 2:30.

It's a part-time position for a university in southern Oklahoma teaching Children's Lit online (just one course, to my understanding). I've never actually gotten to teach a Children's Lit survey outside of the courses I team taught with Susan at Former University, so this would be great fun. And I'm all about some online classes, ya know.

In completely un-work-related news, I bought myself a new toy. *shifty, guilty eyes*

It was time to renew my contract, and since AT&T has such stellar coverage in these parts, I decided to stay with them. The BlackBerry Pearl was significantly discounted with an upgrade, so I indulged. Isn't it cuuuuute? And RED! I've wanted a red phone for ages. Since RAZR came out with their red one RIGHT AFTER I bought my hot pink one.

But I digress. So what if I technicall don't actually neeeeeeeed a swanky BlackBerry with unlimited Internet access, e-mail, a planner, a wicked awesome camera, a scrolly wheel. But I will use it. Since my semester has wound up so hectic I've got my calendar in the phone loaded with appointments, due dates, and alerts. I've been surfing like a mad woman, twittering, and I really think it'll be helpful to be able to check e-mail and whatnot just for the sheer mass of correspondence that I get from students.

Another thing I like about AT&T: I can cancel the data plan any time I want. And bring it back whenever I want! So when I'm off in December (and very very moneyless), I can get rid of it, and then bring it back again in January! Brilliant.

Whatever. Stop looking at me that way. I love my Little Red. I never buy toys--just books--so it was a treat. Since I'm actually getting steady paychecks again, for the first time since June'ish, it's nice not to have to be quite such a tight wad. I dunno, I'm still pretty miserly. I think it's in my genes.

I'm off to finish grading papers. I've finished a huge batch of rhetorical analyses and now I'm on to narrative/descriptive essays. Then I get to read about user profiling for the 'brary classes. Yeehaw!

P.S. I'm making chicken and shrimp quesadillas, spanish rice, and refried beans for dinner. All homemade'ish. I'm salivating. You?

P.P.S. I'm taking a class over youth librarianship in the Spring. YAYYYY!


  1. Wow! You surely have a lot going on. Best of luck with the interview!

    And your new phone is oh so very pretty. I have a red one myself (a Chocolate) that, happily, matches my purse...

  2. Your dinner sounds fantastic!

    Love the new toy!

  3. Is this a make-nikki-jealous-and-miss-the-states post? Because if it is it's working.

    I want a shiney new phone that does more than just makes phone calls! I want tex-mex! Waaaaahhh.

    No but seriously that phone looks awesome. I want to get one when I come home to the States. And I plan on eating only chinese, mexican, american, thai, etc food while home.

  4. Your new toy is so purty!

    And when's dinner? Should I bring anything? ;)

  5. Thanks, Jen! Aren't phones that match other accessories lovely? My phone now matches my iPod and my favorite pair of shoes. lol

    Tara, thank you! It was pretty darn good. Even the beans turned out well, and it was the first time I've made my refrieds from scratch.

    Nik, awwwww! When is your next trip back to this side o'the pond? And I don't blame you. Oddly enough, when I used to come to TX to visit from NC all I ate while here was chinesde, mexican, american (TX bbq) and thai. lol

    Thank you, Nat! You can bring dessert. Something gooey!

  6. Southern Oklahoma?! I love Oklahoma! You knew that, though, right?

    I just recently got a new phone that does nifty things I don't need it to do. My son loaded some music into the camera and I've been dangerously dancing around the house, on occasion. I try not to do that when anyone's around. Wouldn't want to terrify anybody.

  7. Love the new toy! I am actually thinking of buying one myself so it would be great to hear what you think of it.

  8. Bookfool, yep! I'll tell you which one after the interview. lol I haven't loaded any music in my phone yet. I've been so busy twittering from the phone I haven't had a chance.

    Karen, I'll post a full report. :) It's wondermous!

  9. Bookfool, yep! I'll tell you which one after the interview. lol I haven't loaded any music in my phone yet. I've been so busy twittering from the phone I haven't had a chance.

    Karen, I'll post a full report. :) It's wondermous!

  10. It's all about new toys. I just got an XBox Elite and a sony eReader :) Have fun with your shiny new blackberry. They are so great.


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