Monday, September 01, 2008

We Had a Day Off? (Randomness)

Happy Labor Day to all the Americans in the room! A friend texted me this morning to wish me a happy Monday off, which was very nice, but since I rarely leave the house for work purposes, it was sort of an anti-climactic day. I didn't really feel like I was getting away with anything, BUT I hope those of you who did have a real day off had a WONDERFUL DAY OFF!
In fact, if I'm being honest, I worked today. I read three chapters of library stuff, got two more online classes ready to roll out tomorrow morning, went running, and watched a movie--Smart People, offbeat dramedy, very good. So, yeah, the movie wasn't work related in any way, but the rest of the day was really productive.
Oh, I also nursed an overabundance of mosquito bites. I got a call Saturday night to join friends at a backyard bbq, so I promptly threw on my ugliest back yard drinking clothes and headed out. One stop at the store for Leinenkugel's later I was perched in one of those collapsible camping chairs waiting on ribs to come out of the smoker. I stayed for a few hours, made my way through a few pina coladas and beers (with orange slices, of course), and headed home around 11:00. Sunday morning I realized the extent to which the mosquitos snacked on me. Upwards of 40 bites. Something like 52 I think. From the knees down. Talk about PAIN AND ITCHING. On top of it all, I'm somewhat allergic to mosquitoes, so the bites don't stay little red spots; they turn into raging red whelps of fury. Miserable. I'm never leaving the house without a can of Off! again.
The reading front is lagging somewhat. I can't seem to sit still long enough to do much reading, especially of fiction. While I'm really enjoying The Position, it's sort of on hold until I quench my non-fiction urges. I'm gulping down Barack Obama's memoir, Dreams from My Father. Awesome. Makes me like him all the more.
By the way, did anyone else cry while watching his acceptance speech the other night?! I *heart* Mr. Obama.
Other than those insignificant tidbits, I have nothing to report. I got my laptop back last week! It works! I didn't have to have the hard drive reformatted! I've been playing SIMS 2 and doing work for my online class ever since. Again, not reading. *sigh*
We'll see if tomorrow brings more bookishness. I know I need to read another library chapter, so at least I have *some* reading going on.
On ye olde iPod: "Today," by The Innocence Mission (sounds like The Sundays)


  1. Uh, yeah. I was in tears by Obama's acceptance speech. And so was my husband, though he will deny it to his dying day! The man is incredible! I have a huge crush on him at the moment! I feel so hopeful about this election, for the first time in a very long time.

  2. Oh, so sorry about the mosquito bites! What a way to ruin a good time :(

    Obama is indeed a breath of fresh air in the stale old political world.

  3. I was so moved by Obama's speech...I don't understand how anyone could look/listen to him and NOT vote for him. Smart is back! Hurrah! And I'll join you in the not reading, sigh. I feel my december reading wrap up list is going to be pretty sorry.

  4. Why do mosquito's love me? I can walk outside for mere seconds and walk in with a million bites. It's so annoying!

    Glad you relaxed a little and you should never work on your day off ;O)

    I think McCain's running mate is a fucking idiot and if those two end up running our country I"m moving to Europe!

  5. Obama's speech left me hopeful for the first time in years. I so pumped for this election, I'm considering spending my vacation registering voters in swing states.

  6. My question is who *didn't* cry during that speech? I bet that's a short list. :-) I spent my day at the MN State Fair yesterday trying to round up Obama pins and t-shirts for me and Peter. They were sold out *everywhere*! Sold, not given away. (On the flip side, McCain supporters were giving away his pins on the street corners. Or trying to. Ha!)

    I have the same reaction to mosquitoes. I spend much of the summer looking like I have diseased ankles. :-)


  7. Ok, before I say this, let me preface it by saying that I love Obama and will definitely be voting for him this fall. That said, I admit that I am part of the small minority who did not cry during his acceptance speech.

    I almost cried but I was being stubborn. Blast it! Every time that man gives a speech, I cry. So. Acceptance speech, no tears. But, when the day comes that he gives his inauguration speech, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to need two boxes of tissue!

    I'm sorry to hear about mosquitoes. But, hmmmm...BBQ. That's all I have to say. Mmmmm, BBQ.

  8. Argh, sorry to hear about the mosquito bites! That sounds painful.

    Playing Sims can be so addictive. I have phases when I let video games completely steal my reading time.

  9. I have to admit that underneath my skepticism for anyone and/or anything even resembling a connection with RSAs (repressive state apparatuses), i.e. people in power, this is a very exciting time. So, yes, I am very excited about Barak Obama. Hey, how about getting together to eat some yummy Claypit, my treat. I will have to get back with you on when, and, well...I better let you know now that I have an ulterior motive.
    The plot thickens!

  10. Days off are things that happen to other people, aren't they?

  11. Mosquitoes sacked on me when I was in Hawaii, strolling through the botanical garden *with* lots of repellent on!

    I saw that you've got Capote in Kansas in your review pile. I'm expecting my copy from the TLC Tour. Keeping my fingers crossed here.


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