Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hour 11: Walkin' and Snappin' Challenge

Kim at Page After Page had the right idea with the Walkin' and Snappin' mini-challenge this hour. She asked participants to get out and take some pics of what they saw. I sat in my sunroom for a while and milled around the front porch and thought I'd share the view of our Halloween/fall decorations with y'all. My mother is slightly addicted to "yard art," but it's pretty darn cute. It's feeling very fall'ish here in the Lone Star State!
In reading news, I'm almost halfway through I Was Told There'd Be Cake. It's still a winner!


  1. Yay for halloween/fall decorations. I've been meaning to decorate my house as well, but have been falling a bit short.

    I'm glad your book is still a winner. hehe Happy reading to ya!

  2. Love yard decorations! It looks like it's actually warm in the Lone Star state! I suppose Texas would be warmer than the mid-Atlantic coast right now. Well off to cheerlead some more! Just enjoyed your picture.

  3. Great picture! I love to see that other people live in rambler style houses like I do. They are very rare around here--and anything new being built is always 2 story!

    I have been wanting to read your book--it has sounded funny and I am glad to hear you like it!
    Thanks for participating in my challenge....
    *smiles and cheers for your reading*
    (page after page)


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