Thursday, October 09, 2008

Read-a-Thon: Let's Raise Some Money!

You may have noticed the button for Dewey's October 18th Read-a-Thon on my sidebar. How on Earth could I resist 24 hours of reading! If you're in the dark about this fantabulous event, read more about it HERE.

While I had a great time participating in this event the last time it came around, I didn't have the forethought to get sponsors together and bring in money for a charity. However, this time I'm thinking ahead! Given my interest in environmental issues and reading, what better green business to support than Eco-Libris! Click on the image above to visit the Eco-Libris website.

Through Eco-Libris you can plant a tree to balance out every book you read. Deforestation is a huge problem all over the world:

More than 30 Million trees are cut down annually for virgin paper used for the production of books sold in the U.S. alone. That’s definitely a problem - trees are one of the most valuable natural resources we have. They literally form the foundations of many natural systems and provide us with numerous benefits (carbon dioxide absorption, soil and water conservation, avalanche control, desertification prevention to name a few).

Eco-Libris operates in set units. You can donate $5 to plant 5 trees, $10 to plant 10 trees, $23.50 to plant 25 trees and so on. See the website for further breakdown.

What I'm asking you, dear readers, is for whatever you can afford in these financially troubling times whether it be a monetary donation or your help in spreading the word about not only Eco-Libris, but a literacy charity I'll introduce to you in just a few minutes (keep reading!). If you're interested in donating money or word of mouth, here are some methods to consider:

  • Donate a set amount for every book I read during the 24 hours of the Read-a-Thon
  • Donate a set amount of money per page I read during the Read-A-Thon.
  • Donate a set amount of money per hour I participate in the Read-A-Thon.
  • Give a "flat fee" donation of whatever you can manage
  • Post short pieces about Eco-Libris (and the charity below) on your blog to spread the word

Now, if you choose to sponsor me in this Read-a-Thon, you'll actually be giving to two worthy causes. Eco-Libris has a deal worked out with

For every 10 books you balance out you will receive a free BookMooch point you can then use to mooch a book online for free. If you don't have a BookMooch account yet go get one.
The process is very simple –
Email us your BookMooch username after you make a purchase on Eco-Libris, or enter your BookMooch username in the comments box during the payment process. We will credit your BookMooch account accordingly.

When you sponsor me in this Read-a-Thon you're free to send the money to Eco-Libris yourself or send it to me, I'll put it together with other sponsors, and donate the money on your collective behalf. I vow to donate whatever BookMooch points we earn through Eco-Libris in this process, as well as a portion of my own personal BookMooch points (probably 5-10 points) to Quezon City Public Library in Pasong Tamo (Philippines):

The Quezon City Public Library - Pasong Tamo opened in April 23, 2004 in Veterans Village, Barangay Pasong Tamo. The library encourages readers of all ages to enter and read to their hearts' content. The Quezon City Public Library's role in the community is to promote community development and to support the continuous education of the residents of Quezon City. All of the library's readers live in the surrounding neighborhoods of Barangay Pasong Tamo, Barangay Holy Spirit, Barangay Balara, and Barangay Luzon.The books you give us will be read by so many people so we hope these books that you send us will be sturdy enough to withstand the many readings and re-readings of the community.

Are you sold yet?

The way I see it, even in the worst times, we can still reach out to others in new and innovative ways. Thanks to Dewey for providing another way for readers to help the Earth and other readers.

If you're interested in donating, e-mail me at andi (dot) miller (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll set it up.


  1. Not about the Eco-Reading, but about Evernight...I read it not long ago and really enjoyed it. Hope you like it too!

  2. Andi,

    Thank you so much for your support in our efforts to make reading more sustainable! The Read-a-Thon sounds as an exciting event for every book lover.

    Just to clarify one thing - Eco-Libris is a green business and not a non-profit.

    Thanks again,

    Raz Godelnik

  3. Wow Andi - this is great!
    I don't think I'll be able to participate in the Read-A-thon this time (I may have family in town) but we'll see... Maybe I'll tell them that the only way they can stay here is if they bring lots of books and keep quiet :)


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