Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-a-Thon (RAT): Pre-Posting

Good morning, readers!!!! It's just about 10 minutes until Read-a-Thon go time here in the central time zone (according to Dewey's time zone page, which I hope I haven't misinterpreted). I have a Daisy asleep on my leg and a pile of books waiting for me. To do before I start reading:

  • 1. Brush teeth.
  • 2. Wrap up (it's chilly in Texas)
  • 3. Turn on available lights to stave off eye straing (thank God for CFL bulbs)

It's not too late to plunk down some cash for green business, Eco-Libris. I realize it's probably a risky choice going with a green biz instead of a non-profit, but Eco-Libris has always been great to me, they try to keep everyone current on environmental issues, and I don't think they're knocking on the Fortune 500 yet. Keep in mind, money handed over to Eco-Libris will then earn us collective BookMooch points which will go to a library in the Philippines. Holler at me in the comments or by e-mail if you're feeling loose with your wallet. I have a few sponsors and a few of you have taken it upon yourselves to pass the word along on your blogs. Thank you so much for your kindness, and I'll post those thank you's at the end of the event.

In the meantime, put on your reading shoes, and let's go!

My first book o'the day will be Sarah Vowell's The Partly Cloudy Patriot. I know, no one here is surprised. ;)

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  1. I love Sarah Vowell on This American Life, but I haven't read any of her books. Have fun reading! :)


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