Friday, October 17, 2008


The one and only Read-a-Thon stack. Click to get a closer look.
Can't WAIT to dive into these.


  1. Awww, you have Pratchett's Nation on your pile! I want that book! Soon, soon! Hahaha :)

  2. Look at all those beautiful books :D I can't wait for the read-a-thon to start either!

  3. That's an impressive stack. I'm very eager for tomorrow.

  4. that looks like awesome fun :-)

  5. Lightheaded, I do! I can't wait to read it. My friend Susan read it recently and loooved it.

    Kristen, aren't they, though? I just wanna pet 'em.

    Nymeth, I'm counting down! It's gonna be a long night because I can't wait to begin.

    Thanks, Traci! Me too!

    Thanks, Marie! :)

  6. Don't forget your snacks and cup of tea! :)

    Good luck - you've picked some great ones.

  7. Oh, everyone put out so many great books, I chose 2 that I know I like and I have short stories by Murakami should I want to swich books. So my 2 are up, one will be read in French but is available in English.

    Till tomorrow :}

  8. Beauty stack. Have loads of fun reading!

  9. Acckkk ... just looking at your book stack makes my wishlist grow!

    I am dying to read Suicide Notes and Wondrous Strange!

    Ohh and Tideland is so awesome - the movie rocks too!

    (woah way too many exclamation points in this comment)

  10. Hey twitter friend! Your blog is chock full of goodies. Can't wait to explore your reading lists.


  11. Got 'em ready to roll, Ophelia!

    Have a great time, Madeleine! And Murakami is always a good choice!

    Thanks, Nancyroo!

    LOL, Joanne! I'll be sure to keep you posted on Wondrous Strange and Suicide Notes. Those are the two YA books I'm most excited about. And I didn't know there was a Tideland movie. Did I? I can't remember. Yay!

    Well thank you for stopping by Ms. FR!!! Good to see you here!

  12. Have fun read-a-thonning!

  13. Oh, I really want to read Suicide Notes. It looks so good.



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