Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Have No Snappy Title

Morning bloggers. So the day after the election was hellish. While I would've loved to languish, grade some papers, and soak up the news, I had to teach in the morning, feverishly try to finish an assignment in the afternoon, and last night was the long trek to/from Denton to my class. We stayed for every bit of our 6-10 meeting, and I made the mistake of swinging through Taco Cabana for a quesadilla on the way home. Not cute. The chicken was so hard, dried out, and discolored I didn't eat more than a couple bites.

When I was finally ready to fall into bed, I had to take Daisy's crate blanket away from her because she has a tendency to chew on it, eat pieces, and get sick. So as it turns out she didn't get sick, but her nails clicked on the plastic floor all night and I got zero sleep. Got up at 5am so dizzy I thought I was going to retch, so I camped out on the couch and caught some zzz's from 5-9 this morning when I had to get online for my virtual reference internship.

So, yeah, GOOD TIMES!

But today I'm catching up on what news I missed yesterday and looking through students' assignments. If I feel like leaving the house later, I think I might go on a trek for my first presidential book for the US Presidents Reading Project.

Should I start at the beginning with George Washington or at the end with Barack Obama? I guess I'll have to paw the books some more to decide!


  1. Aww, get some rest Andi! Hope you're feeling better and get your presidential read on :D

  2. That is such an interesting project, the Presidential Reading, and I might have to keep it in mind for my post-100 short stories challenge.

  3. I'm starting with Obama, because I'm in a very Pro-Obama mood and then I have no idea...

    Doing them in order from first president up until Obama seems like it would give you a really good feel for history and order-of-events.

  4. Funky, been napping all day. My head still feels like a balloon, but I'm getting along.

    BC, it's the first open-ended challenge I've joined, and I'm excited about it. I like the idea of a long term project.

    Ophelia, I have Dreams From My Father on hand, and I never made it to the 'brary today, so I think I'll probably start there before I skip all the way back to Washington and work my way up. Like you I think it'll give me the best sense of the history.

  5. I think it is a great idea to read a book or two about Barack Obama, our new President. I know I am, to better understand him as he leads this Country.
    I am not a teacher but i would start with our first President and let the students learn how this Country has been lead to this day.

    Hope you feel better

  6. I bookmarked your blog a while back, but I haven't stopped by in a very long time. But I did today. I saw your mention of Denton, and virtual reference, and through further reading found out that you are working on your library science degree. I just got my library science Masters in August from UNT! I did the online program too.

    I'm still looking for a library job at the moment. Not a great time to be job hunting. Anyway, just thought I'd say "hi". Hi.

  7. I hope you get some rest and feel better soon. You need all the energy you can muster with your full schedule. I'm in the same giddy mood as much of the country right now. I'm so excited and hopeful for the future. I have two boys 19 and 21 and I've been very worried for their future with the way things have been going. Now, I can see some hope in the future for them!

  8. Madeleine, I read one of this books, The Audacity of Hope, last year. It was amazing. I have his memoir, Dreams From My Father, here on the shelves. I started it a while back, but I haven't gotten to finish it. I think it's time!

    Hey, JC! It's always good to meet another SLISser! lol Good luck with your job hunting. I hope something pops up for you soon!

    I'm still riding the high, Lisa! I just got done watching the press conference a while ago, and it's a good day!


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