Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Geeks - This One Goes Out to the Ones I Lurv

It's back!! Thanks to the wonderful folks who have taken the wheel to keep Dewey's Weekly Geeks project going. This week's prompt:

In the spirit of the amazing community building that Dewey was so good at, tell us about your favorite blogs, the ones you have bookmarked or subscribe to in your Google Reader, that you visit on a regular basis. Tell us what it is about these blogs that you love, that inspire or educate you or make you laugh. Be sure to link to them so we can find them too.
I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, and obviously every one of them is special for some reason. For the most part the blogs I subscribe to are interesting, vivid and vivaciously written, snarky, thoughtful, and just plain WONDERFUL. I'm going to do the old "close my eyes and click" and report on which ones come up:
Amanda from The Life and Times of a "New" New Yorker is a fellow student in my Library Science grad program. She happened to find me here in blogland, and I soon started following her writings as well. Not only does she have great taste in books, I also love reading about her adventures in NYC.
MizBooks of Should Be Reading has been my book friend for years! We first met in the Yahoo! book discussion groups, and I've been following her blog for a long time now. She's a prolific reader, a prolific blogger, and a fantastic community builder. If you haven't already...go see her!
Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-A-Holic is another long-time bloggy fave. She's incredibly busy with her work and her family, but she still manages to read and blog like a pro!! I get tons of great recs from Miss Stephanie. My TBR groans whenever I visit her site.
Melanie of The Indextrious Reader is a librarian, a culture lover, and a talented writer. Just read her blog for a bit! I'm constantly learning something from her blog and getting book recommendations that I might not have known about otherwise. She's a very adventurous and varied reader.
Courtney from Everything in Between astounds me! She's got a great job, a cool hubby, a new house, a ridiculously full life, and she still manages to read, work seriously on her writing, spend time with friends, and come up with blog posts that read like professional publications. And she's funny! And cute! And has great taste in food and stuff! I want to be like Courtney. *sigh*
These FANTASTIC blogs are a drop in the bucket. I want to share all of your links, but alas I have dinner plans later tonight, and I feel sure it would take me three more days to brag about all of you. Just know that you're loved and admired and I'm sending air kisses to each of you (because I'm on antibiotics and not contagious at the moment).


  1. What great blogs!

  2. Oh more goodies to explore. I will have to pry my laptop off my warm lap sometime later today. I could visit these wonderful blogs 24/7.

    Happy WG Return!

    If I ever get my post finished (!) you'll find yourownself on it.

  3. Cool reads! btw, where is weekly geeks now? did i miss the link?

  4. Thanks, bermudaonion! Enjoy!

    Terri, they're luscious I tell ya! And thank you!

    Sorry, Mel! I forgot to include it! It's

  5. Wow, you're amazing at PR--you make me want to run out and buy those blogs!

  6. Hi - newbi here. Great links and I have visited many a one. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I never knew there were so many great blogs out there! This weekly geeks meme has been eye-opening!

  8. Ah....thanks, Andi!! You know I love you too!! And don't even get me started on how many books have reached my TBR from YOUR blog!!

  9. Just letting you know I've dropped in from Weekly Geeks and browsed your interesting blog Andi

  10. Hi Andi, I just wanted to let you know I have awarded you with the Premio Dardas Award. Please check my blog for more info...

  11. LOL, Ali! Maybe I should change careers!

    Thanks for stopping in, Robin! Can't wait to go visit your blog!

    Meg, it's almost oppressively astounding. Just like I'll never read all the great books in the world, I fear I'll never get around to all the great blogs!

    For sure, Gautami!

    Ha, Stephanie! Love to enable don't we?

    Thanks for stopping in, Kerrie! I'll be over to browse at your place soon!

    Thank you sooo much, Kathrin!

  12. Aww, right back at you, girl! I love your blog and reading about your crazy fun life, your reading, your writing - I'm so glad we've "met"!

  13. Thanks, Andi! I live vicariously through your blog -- your life is so much more entertaining than mine, as are many of your reading choices. :)

  14. Awesome list, Andi . . . Off to check them out.

  15. Thank you for listing me! I love your blog as well :) You have, by far, one of the coolest layouts and blog names out there. Keep up the good work!

  16. Me too, Courtney!

    Oh, Melanie! My life is dull. I just pick the weird/fun parts to blog about. lol

    Enjoy, Andi!

    Thank you, Amanda!!!! I'm tickled to have found yours.


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