Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Chuck

You all requested it, so here it is. This is the only picture of himself IN THE WORLD that Chuck likes, so I present it to you. Isn't he cute in his tie and swanky sweater vest? Now imagine a cool tat on his forearm (Chinese characters), the piercing in his left ear (top portion, barbell), and him making funny faces, and it's a pretty well-rounded image of the man who's stolen my pea pickin' heart. He is a tantalizing mixture of straightlaced and ridonkulously goofy. I *heart* him!

Gotta go get my taxes done so we can go to Rocketboy's open house tonight (Rocketboy being the super secret code name for Chuck's 11-year-old son). Now, did I steal that from another blog? A book maybe? I have no idea.

*Note: this blog post should not be confused with Dooce's "Daily Chuck." Though my
Chuck does have one oddly canine tooth.

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