Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy day-after-Easter, folks! I know I've been remiss in posting lately, but there's lots of stuff stirring in Andiland (not to be confused with Candyland). I can't say that any of it is terribly exciting. Well, Chuck and Rocketboy are always exciting (see picture below), but on the whole I've been busy painting the townhouse with Chuck, enjoying Easter festivities, teaching, grading a buttload of papers, and nursing a wicked case of tendinitis in my achilles tendon (OUCHHHHH!!!!).

My reading is sort of on hold at the moment. Anything I do read lately seems to be children's, young adult, or a graphic novel. Not that I'm complaining because I love them, but I would love to sink into a hefty novel or non-fiction book and only peek out a few times. I need to be immersed! The last book I read was a Babymouse graphic novel....Monster Mash. Cute, but hardly fodder for immersion.

Easter was great here. We hid eggs for Rocketboy, made up a nice gift basket for him, and there were surprises for Chuck and Memaw (Chuck's mom). I made out like a bandit! I got a Half-Price Books giftcard from Rocketboy and Chuck got me a beautiful jewelry box with a gorgeous pair of silver and pearl earrings inside. Not to mention a set of pearl studs and a delectable book--The History of Farting. It can't all be sunshine and pearls, ladies. The farts need their moment in the sun, too. :)

We spent the afternoon having lunch with my mom, and we went to a big family Easter egg hunt that my clan hosts every year. In fact, below you can see one of the highlights. Chuck took it upon himself to ask my mom--very sweetly--if she'd take a picture of us. And when she did, he cracked a confetti egg over my head. Haruumphf.

It was a great day--like most days are around here. Now if I could only settle on a book! I've also been dipping in and out of:

Feed, by M.T. Anderson (teaching)
Parvana's Journey, by Deborah Ellis (teaching)
The Collected T.S. Eliot (for fun)

I'll be back, before another two weeks rolls along, with an update!

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