Friday, May 29, 2009

Personally: What a Week!

What a week it's been, folks! Chuck and I have spent every day marketing our new business venture or working on quotes for various companies in the area. On top of that, yesterday I started my first set of summer courses. I teach developmental reading and English from 7am to 9am and 9 to 11. I am not naturally a morning person, so this arrangement is not optimal. It's money for summer, though, and that's awesome! The students were really warm and fun, so I expect even the early mornings might not be too painful in the long run.

I have one more week before I begin my other summer courses. I'll be teaching a lit class in the afternoons from 1-3 for five weeks, and then I switch over to a freshman composition class for five weeks that runs from 3-5 every day. It's gonna be a handful, but things should be less turbulent in the Fall when I settle back into my combination of online and in-person classes.

For fun, Chuck and I have been out with our new Nikon D90 digital camera. I'm having a blast with the macro lens to take ridiculously-close-up shots. We went out Memorial Day evening, got burgers to go, and took Rocketboy to a local park. We took pictures of ducks and people and "stuff" for a while in the near-dark, and the pics came out looking like daylight. So cool!

The reading has been slim this week. Whenever I've been home, I've been napping or working, calling clients and lesson planning. I'm still neck-deep in The Hunger Games and loving it! Sadly, I didn't finish Death with Interruptions before it had to go back, but whenever I get to the S's in my TBR for my Reading in Order Challenge I'll definitely be picking it back up! More to come!


  1. You must share some pics with us woman!

    The reading challenge sounds fun, one of these days I will have time to pick up a book again.

    A girl can dream.

    word verification: spods. me likey

  2. Definitely will share pics, Cold! The camera was downstairs at the time I posted this, and I was too lazy to run down and back up. lol

    Spods! Sounds very spacey fabulous.

  3. Sounds busy. I agree, I'd love to see your photos!

  4. Thanks, Michelle! I'll upload some soon!


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