Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Personally: I Did Not Mean To Do That!

And by "that" I mean being gone from the blog so very very long! I have no idea how that happens. Well, actually, I do know how that happens. I started back to work!

I'm teaching for two colleges this summer, and one of those colleges is a vocational type institution with classes that begin at 7am. S-E-V-E-N. Yes, seven. I don't know how it is that 8:00 seems OK, but one little hour earlier seems like hell on earth sometimes. I was originally contracted to teach on Tuesday/Thursday from 7-9 and 9-11--two classes, two hours each, fine. A week after classes started, I got a desperate, shrieky call from my charming boss (I really like her) asking me to teach an additional class for a prof that had to go out with a family emergency. 1) Because I'm a softy 2) because I like money 3) because I'm new and want to "scratch" the institution's proverbial back, I took the class. It's another now I'm up every morning at 5:45 giving me just enough time to hit snooze three times, crawl into the shower and hose off, take Daisy out for her morning potty, and drive the six minutes it takes me to get to campus.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! No no. Two 7am classes, otherwise known as four days a week of 7am classes, would not be so bad if I didn't have to teach at another school. After I get out of class Monday-Thursday I drive an hour out to the Sticks (where I grew up), and I teach a class for the college I've been teaching for for the better part of five years. They're always good to me, and under normal circumstances I only have to drive out there two days a week. Now that it's a short summer session it's four days a week. Four days a week, two hours round trip, on top of my 7am classes. In total, on Monday/Wednesday I teach for four hours and drive two, and on Tuesday/Thursday I teach for six hours and drive two.

Now, I realize this sounds like a whiny teacher spiel so far. Ohhhh, poooooor professor has to get up at a normal time and work a regular work day. No shit. But really, I went into this profession 1) because I love reading and 2) because I don't want to work a "normal work day." Getting to sleep late and barely go anywhere is one of the MAJOR PERKS of teaching college courses. Plus, I've gotten spoiled by teaching the bulk of my classes online. I admit it.

All kidding aside, this schedule is wearing my ass out. Not because I'm gone a lot or whatever but because being "on" that early and that many hours a day is friggin' exhausting. Like I was telling Chuck last night, teaching is the ultimate multi-tasking type job. I have to put on a smiley face, skip hop jump and prance around the room to keep their attention, be funny and charming when appropriate, listen to their problems and concerns and anal retentiveness, monitor the class for disciplinary issues (because there are some), think on my feet, pull answers out of my butt, and otherwise be all teachery. I love the job, but this much of it in the SUMMER chaps my hide. Not to mention the two hours of driving every day really sucks because it's 172 degrees in Texas. Oh, and did I mention that the class I drive two hours round trip for has three people in it? Yes, three. I cancel class and make them do online work sometimes so I don't have to drive. I don't feel bad about that at all, just in case you were wondering.

So, yeah, you don't have to feel sorry for me, but do know that I'm thinking of you all and not really reading too much right now. I keep waiting to fall into a "groove" but after two weeks it hasn't happened just yet.

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