Friday, August 28, 2009

All Day Sickness, Anyone?

I wasn't even expecting this absence, but it seems I've moved into the "Oh my God, I'm tired," and "Oh my God, I think I might throw up," phases of pregnancy. I was doing great up until the beginning of this week when suddenly food smells horrible (unless it's an Ice Pop or a Sprite) and I can sleep effortlessly for 13 hours at a time.

I went to Chuck's college with him yesterday to pick up a couple of textbooks and then go run some errands while he was in class. The moment the sliding doors opened, I stepped into the Student Union and encountered the most gawd-awful smell in existence. I grimaced, covered my face, and exclaimed: "What the HELL could that be?" Turns out it was the Subway sandwich shop upstairs. I don't think I'll have a cheesesteak from there any time soon, thankyouverymuch!

Luckily, the morning sickness has been rather fruitless. I feel like I'm going to hurl 24/7, but I have yet to actually succumb to the feeling. The sleeping makes Chuck happy because I can't complain at him for sleeping late when I'm snoring away right next to him.

Sprites drunk: 897
Naps taken: 4,000
Books read: 0


Back soon with an essay review of "How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant."

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