Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pardon Me While I Lose My Focus

So I expect this blog will take a sharp turn from books to babies for a bit, and I hope none of my lovely readers will be surprised or particularly peeved by it. I'm one of those women that never really knew if I'd have children at all, and now that I'm faced with the answer to that question, I'M SO EXCITED!

A couple of stories:

Some of you asked how Chuck took the news hearing this revelation over the phone. It went a little something like this:

Chuck (in a sleepy voice): Hellllowlkegfh....

Andi: Are you awake?

Chuck (still a sleepy voice): Mmhmm.

Andi: Are you sure? Because I need to talk to you about something important. Are you going to remember this later?

Chuck (a little more lucid): Yeah, I'm good. What's going on? You OK?

Andi: Remember how you said that it's not normal to crave sushi and pizza at the same time? And that I'd probably find out we're pregnant while you're gone?

Chuck: Yeah....

Andi: Uh huh!

Chuck: OH MY GOD!

That's definitely the fastest I've ever been able to wake the man up. He had driven halfway to New York the night before I made this call, and he and Rocketboy didn't even get to lie down until almost 6am. I thought he perked up rather well for five hours sleep!

In other news, I've been really nervous about my mom's potential reaction to this situation. After all, this is the woman who told me--when I was about 16 years old--to think of her whenever I decided to have sex because she was not babysitting. It kept me virginal for YEARS afterward.

Anyway, she and I are best buddies, so I couldn't NOT tell her immediately. I called her and broke the news, and while she said she wasn't disappointed or weirded out, I didn't actually believe it until tonight. We had a long talk about savings accounts and cloth diapers, baby themes and baby names. Oh, and of course what she wants the baby to call her. We're leaning toward "Noonoo" or "Nanny" to be pronounced tawny, sort of. While I haven't written about her here as much as some of my other relatives (grandparents), she's the center of my life in everything I do. She was an amazing, strong, intelligent, wonderful single mom, and if it's not too bold of me to say...I think she did a rock-awesome job raising me. When I looked at a due date chart it appears that I'm due right around April 16th or 17th. April 17th is my mom's birthday. I cried. Alligator sloppy tears.

To top it off, I mentioned in my previous post that the baby's middle name--no matter if it's a boy or girl--will be Eris. It's my mom's middle name, and it was my grandfather's first name. He and my mom and I were always partners in crime. It's very important to me that this middle name, while certainly odd, is a tribute to them.

Oddly enough, when my mom called tonight, and I looked at the caller ID, there was something different about the display. We kept my grandparents' old telephone number after they passed away in 2002, and we had it switched into my mom's name. The display is always my mom's name. It's been my mom's name for seven years.

Tonight, inexplicably, the caller ID displayed not my mom's name, but my grandfather's.

I miss him and my grandmother especially right now. I don't know why the caller ID suddenly changed over, or how that could possibly happen, but it made me a little teary and gave me great comfort to think that they're watching and they approve. I'm getting all teary again just thinking about it.

More baby randomness to come, for sure, but I'll let you all sleep for now. I think I'll do the same.

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