Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Biggest Announcement Here...Like EVER!

Chuck is in New York for a week and a half, so what better time to take a pregnancy test here in Dallas and find out it's positive?! Yeah, our timing is awesome.

Obviously this pregnancy thing is VERY NEW, but I'm not even remotely superstitious, so I'm shouting it from the rooftops in hopes that nothing happens and I'm not hugely heartbroken.

As of now we're all really excited and more than a little bit dazed, and I'm ready to start shopping for awesome book-themed baby stuff if such wonderments exist at all.

By my calculations, our monkey will be here in April or May, and I don't know if we'll find out the sex or not. I do know, our monkey's middle name will be Eris, an odd family name on my side and a heads up to both my mom and my grandfather--two of the MOST important people in my life ever.

Note: I've changed the original due date typo from August (gah!) to April or May. Let's hope my child is more adept at math than Mom-the-english-professor. Hmmphf!

Excitement all around! If you know any good pregnancy books, let me know! I've already checked out Raising Baby Green and some others to be reported on soon.

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