Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Horn Blowin' for BBAW!

To kick off Book Blogger Appreciation Week we've been asked to make a list of some of our favorites. This is a most daunting task for me because my Google Reader is STUFFED FULL to overflowing. My blogroll hasn't been updated in ages, so don't think that if you aren't listed I don't follow you. I probably do in Google.
It's always hard to pick favorites, so just know that if you don't appear, it's not that I don't love ya. I'll probably blow the blog horn on your site later!
Heather F. from A High and Hidden Place: Tales of a Capricious Reader - I've known her forever. I started chatting about books online in 2001 over at Yahoo! Groups, and I knew Heatheroo was my reading soulmate even then. She's become a best friend through the years, and I'm damn tempted to fly her in for my baby shower just so we can chat, eat good food, and talk about books. Maybe fit in a little shopping. I love her like a sister in addition to adoring her blog. If you haven't read her, you are seriously missing out on wonderful reviews, beautiful photography, and great stories.
Kim L. from Bold.Blue.Adventure - I love the variety of books Kim reads, and in addition to her awesome, chatty book blogging, I love hearing about her life, too!
Tara from Books and Cooks - In addition to Tara's awesome farmers market photos, I adore her book choices. From the organic to the green and everything else, I can always find a great recommendation at her site.
Lezlie from Books 'N Border Collies - Lezlie is a must-read/daily/awesome treat! Her book reviews are wickedly concise, but she always manages to leave me feeling like I have a really well-rounded view of whatever book she's reviewing. And she reads a TON. And really substantial stuff, too. I'm totally jealous. And I *heart* her dogs, too!
Amanda from The Blog Jar - Amanda is not only a well-read, cultured reader type, she also loves zombies, and coffee, and baking, and she has awesome tattoos and hilarious stories, and I just can't get enough of her! She's been my reading/book group buddy for years as well, and I just don't know what I'd do without her blog to tickle and thrill me.
Join in on the fun and blow the blog horn on some of your favorite sites.

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