Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Personally: There's Really a Baby in There!

Hey! I'm still here, I've just been busy the last few days. Between the transition from part-time professor to full-time professor and all this baby business, I've been quick to fall asleep at night and slow to blog. I have plenty to say about books, but I am much more excited by the latest baby news.
Having ironed out insurance issues and whatnot, I FINALLY got to go to my first OB appointment on Monday. It was the usual unpleasantries--cup peeing, arm stabbing, poking, prodding, etc. As it turns out, I'm almost 12 weeks along (12 weeks on Friday), so they went ahead and scheduled my first ultrasound appointment.
I woke up at 6:30 this morning, showered, powdered, and primped, and I promptly started drinking water as I was told. I'm finding out very quickly that this pregnancy thing is very much like being a science experiment.
Anyway, I arrived at the hospital with a bladder filled to bursting, and the ultrasound was underway. As it turns out, there's really a baby in there!!! When we got our first peek, the Bun was looking straight at us. As our technician wielded the probe and took various pictures, Bun started moving all around--kicking its legs, waving its arms, and doing flips. Finally, it settled in a comfy position and started sucking its thumb. I guess the cottage cheese and mandarin oranges I had for breakfast were satisfactory and invigorating.
You can expect the ultrasound pics to pop up any time, but I've gotta scan them first. And copies for my mom, and copies for the office, and copies for Chuck's wallet. You get the picture.


  1. lol at the science experiment bit :P But awwww! It all sounds so exciting too :D

  2. Luckily you didn't have your bladder too full and get the: "You'll have to pee a little bit." Say what?! I don't that kind of control!

    Glad it all went well!

  3. Science experiment? Oh honey, just you wait!

    Isn't it the most amazing experience watching your child move around on the screen like that? Ellie was so funny at hers, she turned flips for like 30 minutes! We just sat there and stared, in tears. It was the first time it really sunk in for me, that I, ME, was going to be a mom. Eek! I'm so excited for you!!! (((HUGS)))

  4. Hehe, I never though of pregnancy that way. Two of my colleagues at work ae pregnant and its really nice watching their progress over the last few months. All the best!

  5. Start reading immediately! Studies show the number one way to influence your child's intelligence is talking to your bambino...from day one!

    Not that you are competitive mom....

    Best wishes!

  6. It's so exciting when you first see the baby. Hey, there's really a person in there! Please tell me you're going to find out the sex. We Scorpios need to know.

  7. I'd have been happy with that breakfast, too. Very cool!


  8. Nymeth, it's so true! And it's only downhill (science experiment-wise) from here! lol

    Chris, no kidding! I was in the waiting room with Chuck and looked over and said, "Do you think I could go pee just a little so it doesn't hurt so much?" lol

    Heatheroo, it was SO COOL. I was surprised to see so much activity, and we all started laughing when Bun started sucking its thumb. I didn't cry today, but I melted down when I heard the heartbeat on Monday. Chuck wasn't at that appointment and I didn't realized I'd get to hear it that day. Call me teary!

    Thanks so much, Mariel!

    LOL, Debbie! I'm onboard with that because I already refer to our unborn child as "the baby genius." I'd better get to work on that. :D

    Thanks, Kathy!

    Tammy, in the beginning I wasn't going to find out, but you're right about us Scorpios. Plus, the stepkiddos have an ongoing argument/wager about what it's going to be. I'm sick of hearing it! I assure them they both have a 50/50 chance, so just LET IT GO already. lol

    Lezlie, it was delicious. :D

  9. Aww hurray, wait and se eif your one of those mums who can see the feet popping out of their bellies when the baby starts to kick.

  10. Lol! Yes science experiment sounds about right!
    Ultrasounds were always the exciting events for me - even if at first I was like "ummm yeah that so doesn't look like a foot/arm" But then farther along I started to see what they were talking about :P

  11. I'm just so excited for you guys! :)

  12. It's crazy isn't it, that moment you first see the baby and realize it is REAL. It's like your heart is suddenly bigger than you can stand and you can't breathe. And I've done it twice and it's the same way the second time.

  13. So exciting! I am glad you got your insurance all straightened out!

  14. Sigh. Cool. So happy for you, Andiloo.

  15. This is so exciting, Andi! Are you feeling better? Anymore morning sickness? I'm behind on your blog, so forgive me if you've already mentioned this.

    Also, a big congratulations on your job!! This is such wonderful news!

    Life is good, eh? :)


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