Sunday, October 25, 2009

Read-a-Thon Wrap Up!

I admit it, I bowed out of my own volition at around 3:30 this morning. The family wanted to go to an air show this afternoon, and I had some work to do in my online classes, so I called it a night and rose around 11:30 this morning ready to roll out.

I want to thank everyone who left comments along the way and kept Rocketgirl and I reading late into the night. We appreciated every one. My own cheerleading was not as sucessful as I'd hoped because my computer starting rebelling against the Mister Linky. Boo!

I finished a grand total of four books--less than I'd hoped--but they were good reads so I can't complain. You can expect reviews of Life Sucks, by Jessica Abel; Ex Libris, by Anne Fadiman; The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam, by Anne Marie Fleming; and Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin. I also polished off about half of Epileptic, by David B and Assassination Vacation, by Sarah Vowell. I'm looking forward to returning to both of them in the next couple of days.

I also finished off the RIP IV challenge with the completion of Life Sucks. Whee!

I'm not sure what Rocketgirl's final list looked like, but I'll report soon. In the meantime, we'll be donating about $55 we raised (from Chuck) to a children's cancer research foundation.

I can't wait for the next Read-a-Thon, and I hope to see you all there!


  1. You did great Andiroo!! I'm so glad you and Rocketgirl were able to take part. And I'm so glad you liked Elsewhere. Now you just need to read Margarettown and I'll be blissfully happy. :D

  2. You had a great read-a-thon! Great job on the fundraising!

  3. Great job with the readathon! And it's so nice that your books all turned out to be good reads!

  4. great job on the fundraising.

  5. Four books is excellent! And money raised for charity is icing. Good job!

  6. I hope you have recovered by now. It was fun, but I paid for it from sleep deprivation LOL

  7. Heatheroo, I looooved me some Elsewhere. It really was engrossing. While I liked Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, I LOVED elsewhere. Really really. I'm bumping Margarettown up the wishlist.

    Thanks, Kathy! We were really pleased with our totals--especially in light of the fundraising.

    Thank you, Belle! I was pleasantly surprised with the reads myself. The two iffy ones got put aside for later.

    Thanks, Esme!

    Amen, Debbie!

    LOL, doing well now, Diane. Last night was another VERY sleepy evening. I was ready to sack out at 8:30.

  8. Yay!! You did great! I hope to make it that far next time =)

  9. You did awesome! :) Can't wait to see what you thought of Magical Life of Long Tack Sam-I read that earlier this year. :) And yay for Chuck sponsoring you guys!

  10. You made it an hour longer then I did! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by on Saturday. Everyone's comments really helped keep me going. 4 books is great! I only got 3 in...

  11. That is so nice, any contribution is very generous, I'm sure it will be appreciated. I can't believe you have so much time to read with work and everything else going on in your life! I can't get more than one book a month in, if I'm lucky. Right now I am reading one and trying to hurry through it so I can get to my book club book!!

  12. Thanks, Kristina!! I was surprised I stayd up so late given all the fatigue lately.

    Thanks, Eva! I really enjoyed Long Tack Sam, but I'll do a full review in another day or two. I'll have to go look up your review, too!

    Thanks, Buckeye Girl!! Thanks for stopping by, and I'll certainly be back to your blog.

    Funky, this is the most reading I've done in ages!!! If I hadn't had the read-a-thon to push me along, I'd still probably be at one or two books a month.

  13. That's so cool that you had Rocketgirl joining you in the read-a-thon. And, congrats on the fundraising part too!


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