Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween: The Morning After

Whew! What a couple of days it's been. Halloween in our house was a flood of activity, and I woke up this morning realizing that I have a LOT of work to do for online classes, bills to pay, and all sorts of other things. How could I not blog first, though? That's what my Sunday mornings are all about. Well, blogging AND Twittering.

Yesterday I woke up bright and early, though the family stayed in bed 'til almost noon. That's just the way we roll around here. They spent the hours just after waking up getting Rocketgirl's zombie costume all ready to go. Chuck ripped some holes in an old pair of jeans and a white tee, they spattered them with corn syrup blood, we ran over them with the car a few times (no, really!), and we left them hanging on the patio to dry why we ran errands. We grabbed some late lunch at our favorite little diner in our neighborhood, the Southern Recipes Cafe, and dropped the kids off at the library for a zombie afternoon. They got to do crafts, got zombie makeup done, and learned the "Thriller" dance. There were about 20 teens there for the program, and their video of the Thriller dance will be on YouTube soon.

Chuck and I ran errands looking at baby stuff and picked the kids up, drove out to my mom's for trick-or-treating evening, dropped some business cards off with a client, and finally came back to Dallas around midnight. I was tooootally exhausted, but Chuck and the kiddos headed off toward downtown Dallas to the Scaregrounds for some haunted house goodness. They finally rolled back in around 2am, just as the clock flipped back to 1am. Sadly, I was not asleep. I wasn't thrilled with them being out with all the Halloween drunks, so I stayed up watching Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel and reading The Thirteenth Tale.

It was a great Halloween. The kids had a good time, and so did the grown-ups. A few pics:

Chuck and I dressed as "vampires," which for me meant ho-ey makeup and nicer clothes than I usually wear on the weekend. Oh, and prosthetic vampire fangs--really comfy ones that fit. Chuck had the teeth and intended to latex some prosthetic horns to his forehead, but by the time we got done with kid makeup it was time to drive the hour out to my mom's house.

Obviously, Rocketgirl is the tall, lanky zombie. Chuck decked her out with latex makeup with wrinkly toilet paper and oatmeal underneath for scabbiness. Rocketboy originally wanted to be a vampire, but once he saw this old mask of Chuck's, he switched over to some sort of evil gnomey thing.

The kids were really happy with their costumes. Especially Rocketgirl in all her supreme scariness. One of my mom's neighbors said, "Wow, that costume would scare God himself." There is no higher compliment for a zombie teenager.

How was your Halloween? Anything exciting?

Coming up: RIP IV Wrap-Up, The Sunday Salon, and some late reviews!


  1. Oh my gosh, the kids do look scary. Glad you had such a great Halloween! Ours was pretty sedate.

  2. Ours would've been if we hadn't gone out to my mom's house. Her neighborhood SWARMS with trick-or-treaters. Hundreds of them, for hours. And she lives in a small town of 1,200!

  3. The Southern Recipe Cafe, huh? You are practically in my work frontyard;-) We have breakfast there more than anything. There are several diners near that intersection. I love the Halloween pictures. Glad you had fun. Have a great week!

  4. You look gorgeous Andi. :D And Rocket Girl's costume is really scary!

  5. Kristy! Cool! I knew you were in Dallas but I didn't know what part. We should get together for coffee (or Braum's) sometime!

    Thanks, Eva! Rocketgirl was very pleased with her scariness.

  6. Oh how fun! You look great by the way.

    We didn't get any trick or treaters but that just means lots of candy for me :)


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