Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belated Blogiversary!

Good morning one and all! I missed a very exciting day! How could I? February 21st was my 5-year blogiversary, and I can't believe how fast it's all gone.

I started my first blog, The Waste Land in 2004, but due to some life issues at the time, I erased that blog and started over in February of 2005. Estella's Revenge (and all her legs) was born. First it was the blog, then the 'zine, and then the Bibliobuffet column. Now it's back to just a blog since my life has taken over the everyday and pushed more and more projects aside.

It's amazing how much has happened in five years, and you can document a good deal of that in this blog. It wasn't all about books when I started. I ranted about life, love (or lack thereof), family, the news, politics, and graduate school. However, as I went along and began to find myself deeper in the book blogging community, things changed.

Obviously, I still write about my personal life here and occasionally even about issues that fire me up (politics and environmental issues, hello!), but it's mostly about books and reading. Things have evened out a great deal in the last couple of years in my personal life, so I have much more time to spend with my books instead of fretting about the everyday ups and downs and hits and misses.

For those of you who are *still* reading, or for those of you who are new, thanks so much for taking part in this blog with your perusals, your comments, and your friendship. It's so good to have a community of people who understand the book obsession and who take an interest on a personal level as well. The community is the bestest part of blogging--especially book blogging.

Here's to another five years!

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