Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Personally: I'm nuts!

If you can't already tell from the title of this post, I have no idea what to write about today. Everything is a swirl of activity 'round here, and I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I've been supremely stressed and emotional lately, and it's about to drive Chuck and everyone nuts, so I've spent the last couple of days trying to calm the hell down!

Here's a little story about a bad experience with an OB:

After I had to leave the Medicaid clinic (loved those ladies) where I was receiving my maternity care because I elected benefits through my godsend of a full-time teaching position, I wound up with a nut for a doc. Actually, she was nice, but her practice gave me the supreme creeps. The good part: this practice was literally right around the corner from our house. The bad parts:
  • They insisted on keeping a credit card on file (felt like a bar tab to have a baby)
  • They explained very litte--kinda had to drag it out of 'em
  • Their office was cold and intimidating
  • There was a sign in the lobby instructing women with children over 3 months TO WAIT IN THE HALL until appointment time
  • They refused to file any secondary costs on my Medicaid
  • They charged patients for "rush" calls to answer questions. They practically charges patients if they farted in the office.
I just had an icky feeling about the practice, so I started looking for someone different. As it turns out, after much phone calling and referral chasing I found a practice at the hospital I really like where I had my ultrasounds done. I met the doctor for my first appointment yesterday, and I LOVE HER. I could hug her and squeeze her and pinch her cheeks and give her lots of money. As it turns out, they'll file secondary costs on my Medicaid, though, so I don't have to give her any money. I let my insurance company do that. She made me laugh, and she was normal (but a weird, quirky, bubbly normal), and she even had a PC vs. Mac discussion with Chuck. And she told us we have big heads. Just like her family.

Seriously, though, it is SUCH a relief to find a doc, right here at week 30, who I love and who I trust and who explains things and is normal. And doesn't make ANYONE wait in the hall. HA!

Chuck and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening registering at Babies R'Us, and we had a blast (until I got tired and heartburny and wanted to go home).

Work is stupid busy, but I won't go into all that. I don't have time since I am at work, this class is almost over, and I'm about to zip away to the next class. I'll be back with more book talk soon (maybe later  today) since I'm actually READING this year (so different from last year).

I hope you're all having a delightful Tuesday thus far!

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