Sunday, February 07, 2010

Spread the Love!

It's almost Valentine's Day, and not long ago a package I ALWAYS look forward to this time of year arrived on my doorstep. Typically, HarperCollins sends a package of Valentine's picture books from their imprints, and there's always something adorable inside. This year was no exception, and I promptly sat down and read all of them (about seven), and these were my favorites.

In Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine (written by Herman Parish, illustrated by Lynne Avril), the adorable and completely literal young Amelia is getting ready for Valentine's Day. She "corrects" some cards her teacher makes up for the class, receives a Valentine from a secret giver, and generally stumbles through the holiday. Amelia Bedelia, as well as the illustrations in this book, are colorful and pop off the page. The book is a nice romp through the holiday.

The next book is Henry in Love, by Peter McCarty (see below, go look!). The illustrations in this book are equally adorable to Amelia Bedelia, but the style is completely different. Henry is a squirrel (I think), in love with a bunny, Chloe. His mother allows him to take a blueberry muffin to school, and pretty soon he's falling in lurv! The characters look to be drawn in pencil--very soft lines and shading. Their surroundings are accented by pops of color on their clothing in in their accessories. While the story is pretty thin and definitely for the youngest of the younger set, the illustrations are really special.

Finally, my very favorite of the books! My Heart is Like a Zoo, by Michael Hall is clever, it rhymes, and the illustrations are unique and full of color. It may be a perfect picture book! I could explain it, but it'd be much more fun if you'd watch the book trailer below. It sets some of the illustrations to music. You'll notice that all of the characters are drawn from a stack of hearts--herons, hippos, yaks, you name it. It's very clean, innovative illustration, and the poetry is great, too. This one will definitely be going on Greyson's keeper stack. This kid will have a killer library by the time he gets here.

Have you found any new Valentine's picture books for your kiddo(s)? It's one of my favorite holidays for picture books, so be sure to share if you can!


  1. Those looks so cute! We enjoy Amelia Bedelia's antics.

  2. I my gosh! I so loved Amelia Bedelia when I was young! That book looks divine!

  3. Henry in Love is adorable!!

  4. Aren't they adorable, Chris?

    Kathy, me too! I was really excited to see that one in the pile.

    Lenore, I know! I just wanna squish the characters' cheeks.

  5. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that Amelia Bedelia is still around. I can remember reading those books when I was in 1st grade and that was in 1969!

  6. I just received My Heart is like a zoo in my library, and I love the looks of it.

  7. LOL, Kathleen, and I remember reading her in the 80s, so she's been steadfast, that's for sure!

    It's adorable, Bookshelf Monstrosity! I hope you love it.

  8. Henry in Love looks so cute! I want to get it to read to Evan. :-) My mom gave this book to Evan for Valentine's and I think it's adorable:


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