Friday, February 12, 2010

What Better to Do in a Blizzard?

And I'm only half kidding when I say blizzard! Dallas got 11 inches of snow over the last day or so, and it's beautiful! I'm in the throes of my second day off work, and I could not be more excited. I already had a buttload of papers to grade, so I'll actually have a chance to finish those by the time midterm grades are due at midnight.

But what else does one do in a Texas blizzard? Reading! Duh!

I have a few books on the go right now. First off, I've been working my way through This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All, by Marilyn Johnson. You know the one: the cutie with the super-brarian on the front cover from my sidebar. It's an interesting book, and Johnson's voice is conversational and fun, but I'm not tearing through it as quickly as I might usually because I already learned much of the info in library school. Still a good one, though.

I started and haven't moved forward with Jeffrey Eugenides's Pulitzer winner, Middlesex. I think I've only read about 12 pages. It's OK so far, but it hasn't yet grabbed me by the proverbial nosehairs, so we'll see how soon I really get involved. I read and loathed The Virgin Suicides, so I'm just hoping I enjoy Middlesex as much as the rest of the world seems to.

Finally, I picked up Salinger's Franny and Zooey last night. I whipped through the Franny portion in no time, and I'm off and running with the Zooey part. So far I like the first bit more than the second, but I have a lot to go, so I can't pass judgement too quickly.

If you're wondering where the snow pics are: they're coming! I need to bribe Chuck to take some more really good ones with our Nikon.

On an unrelated note: BABY NEWS!

I had an ultrasound on Wednesday, and we're officially gestating a sasquatch baby. I'm 31 weeks along, and our chunky monkey already weighs 4.5 pounds. Apparently he's big for his age: big head, long legs, etc. I'll probably be knocking on 9ish pounds by the time his due date rolls around. If that's the case, I'll trade off a kidney for a c-section. I'm just sayin'.

For now I'm off to finish those blasted papers, and we have Rocketboy's birthday to celebrate today. It's a busy week and weekend. Chuck and I had an anniversary on Wednesday, his mom's birthday was yesterday, Rocketboy is today, and then Valentine's Day is on Sunday. Oh, and his uncle is coming to visit from Saturday to Tuesday. Whew! I make myself tired just thinking about it. I'd better go read while I have a chance!


  1. 11 inches of snow! They're saying we might get a little bit tonight, but I have my doubts. Enjoy your time off.

  2. I'm sure he's an adorable Sasquatch baby! I haven't had an ultrasound since around 20 weeks (I'm knocking on week 36), so I have no idea what's going on in there. I asked for one, but they said it's not necessary since he's head down, and they can only guess at his weight (around 5-ish lbs).

  3. Whew! Aren't you glad your bambino isn't due this month? You need a birthday break.

    The storm that hit Dallas blew through Austin while I was there for TCEA this week and, brother, it was cold!

  4. I loved Middlesex, but loathed The Virgin Suicides, so here's hoping you have the same experience.

  5. 11 inches of snow in Texas is like 22 inches anywhere else. When I lived in Texas people went crazy when there was snow that didn't even stick to the ground. I can't imagine the chaos that must be going on down there now.

  6. I can't believe you have SNOW in Texas and all I got was rain. We've hardly had a smidgen of snow this winter in Portland. Boo.

    I LOVED Middlesex (one of my favs) and quite disliked the Virgin Suicides, if that helps. I hardly believe it's the same author.

    Yea for a snow day/reading break! And get some rest while you're incubating that big boy!!

  7. I cannot even believe you are 31 weeks already!! And 11 inches in Dallas?? Is that a record? I would say total here in West Virginia we have had about 4 feet, not all at once, it was 2 1/2 then 1 then 1/2. But it's been a crazy winter! I just hope it doesn't all melt at once =( The weather guy is calling for 6-10 more inches tomorrow night.

  8. Kathy, if you're a snow lover, I hope you get some. If not, not so much. lol People are so polarized on this snow issue.

    Pilgrim Soul, from what I can see in the ultrasound, he is quite the squishy-cheeked cutie. And I wish you luck as you inch ever closer to your due date!

    Debbie, I do need a birthday break! I'm afraid our bank accounts might revolt completely if we had another bday this month. And cold is an understatement. I was happy to stay in with a book.

    Jill, cheers to hating The Virgin Suicides! And it was such a good, mysterious premise to screw up. *sigh*

    Christopher, it could've been pretty iffy! I think most people just threw their hands up and stayed in, though. A wise decision, methinks.

    LOL, Terri! I'll try to send some your way. We ended up with a FOOT of snow. Crazy! And here's hoping I have the same Middlesex experience you did.

    Kristina, I'd probably curl up and die amidst that much snow. I like it here in Texas because it is fun while it lasts, and it never lasts long!!!

  9. Oh no I loved VS and was a bit meh (but still liked it more than a ton of books) about Middlesex. C section is doctor recommended by a medical friend of mine, apparently all female doctors would have c section births if allowed.

  10. I still can't get over the fact that y'all got a foot of snow!!! When we lived in Fort Worth, the most we ever saw was a couple of inches. Or a lot of ice. I can't wait to see some pics.

    I'm one who loved Middlesex. So much going on the further you get in. Never did read VS, so no opinion there.

    I'm with you on the C-section. My kiddo was 8-3 and I wound up with a C. Definitely worth it. Just make sure they don't do the episiotomy first! Not a fun recovery. ;)


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