Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Pending: Reading Out Window

I had my 36-week doc appointment on Monday (I am now 37 weeks today). We had an ultrasound while the doc was off work for Spring Break last week, so I was SUPER nervous to hear what she had to say about the forecast. Our little chunky monkey has risen to the 95th percentile in size for his gestational age, which basically means we're on track for a 9-10 pounder if everything stays the same. Of course, since my doc was off work last week, she was SWAMPED on Monday, and I ended up waiting for almost two hours to see her. By the time she got to the room I was practically bouncing up and down thinking, "Just tell me something already!"

The plan: We have an ultrasound scheduled for April 5th with a specialist (second opinion), and if Greyson is still super-gigantic, doc will go ahead and schedule a c-section for a few days after April 5th. If Greyson is done and ready to appear before then, we'll see what happens. Just in case you were wondering (TMI coming), my doctor actually said, "Well, your cervix is thinner and softer than it could be, but it's mostly boring." So she wasn't thinking we'd see the boy any time soon pre-ultrasound.

And I haven't read anything since. Well, I've read some cereal boxes, road signs, and student papers. That's about it, though. Last night I wanted to read but the contractions were a bit annoying for that. They never got very regular or more than 30-40 mins apart, so I went home and went to sleep and I've only had two today. Can we say Braxton-freakin'-Hicks? Ugg. Teasing me.

So, yeah, we're all on baby watch. I'll keep you posted.

*Note: I do not own the owl pic to the left, but I would like to. How cute is that?

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