Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Limping Toward Maternity Leave

Sooo, as usual, I hadn't planned to be absent for a week. I was supposed to start "administrative duties" at work this week. That's my beautiful workplace's way of saying, "We don't want you to have to ditch six classes mid-term to have a baby" so they're letting me do paperwork and miscellany for the first 3-4 weeks of the session and maternity leave for the rest. All this administrative stuff is turning out to be hell since I've been working longer hours than expected and helping put out fires and clean up various and sundry academic disasters. And I'm planning a swanky meeting. There will be hors d'Ĺ“uvres.

Anywho, long story short: I'm sick and tired of being tired.

Bulleted list of goings on:
  • I finished The Forest of Hands and Teeth AND Confections of a Closet Master Baker. I can't wait to review both of 'em for ya. I had every intention of making one or both of these reviews my vlog premiere, but it just hasnt' happened yet. Plus, you really don't want to see my frizzy hair and raccoon eyes after a really long work day.
  • The family chipped in and bought me an iPod touch to replace the iPod that was stolen by a stinky valet recently. I'm lovin' it!
  • Chuck and I are slowly but surely gathering all the baby goods we need. We had another shower this past weekend; we cleaned up on clothing and other cool items like a Bebe Pod seat and our stroller. Chuck is out scouting a VERY nice and pristine used version of our dream travel system (car seat and stroller). I hope it's as good as ye olde Craigslist posting promised.
I'm out of bullets. Totally completely out.

I'll be back when my brain doesn't hurt.

Addendum to the first version of this post (and apologies to whomever got it in their reader twice):

We had another ultrasound on Monday, and our munchkin is still a freakin' rock star football player. He's up to 7 pounds and change (and I'm at 35 weeks). If we go full term he'll probably be 9-9.5 pounds. Can you hear my girly parts screaming already? I start weekly appointments on Monday, and I can't wait to chat about it with my doc.


  1. Wow, how can it be 35 weeks already! I hope you have plans in place to let us know when Grayson gets here.

  2. Hard to believe the baby's gonna be here soon! Take care and enjoy this time with Chuck before baby makes 3.

  3. The baby could be 9 - 9.5 lbs?! I'm screaming with your girly parts! LOL! I hope things go easier for you at work.

  4. oh wow! My girly parts are screaming for yours! OUCH!

    BTW -- give me some tips on doing a Read-a-thon while preggo. Did you do 24 hours? How did you deal with no coffee? fill me in!

  5. Yikes that sounds like a big boy. But yay for buying teeny tiny baby clothes!

  6. What a big baby! If it makes you feel any better (haha) my husband was 10 lb 14 oz. Crazy! Take it easy, okay!

  7. Yowzas that's a big baby! My nephew was a big boy when he was born as well, still is in the top of his class! Good luck with all that. :) I'm missing your regular posts so I hope all settles down for you soon!
    Alayne - The Crowded Leaf

  8. Crossing my legs in sympathy - ouch! I wish I was going to your swanky meeting - it's a lottery what kind of food turns up at ours.

  9. Yayyy! I can't wait for you to meet your little man! This is such an exciting time Andi. And the showers are the best. Now you get to wash everything and put it all away :O) But don't stress about that part. The baby generally can't use most of the stuff for some time anyway. Keep us updated and try not to stress with all the work!

  10. Kathy, that's what I said. It's flown by! Will definitely let you know when Greyson lands.

    Tammy, I definitely will. We've been doing a lot of fun family things.

    Natasha, thank you for the screams. lol

    Amanda, read-a-thon while prego: I did not go 24 hours. I ate lots of snacks to get around the morning sickness. I did indulge in tea.

    Nikki, I love teeny tiny baby clothes. Got LOTS of those.

    Tara, that really does make me feel better. And it always gives me the warm fuzzies when I meet a thin woman having a BIG baby. lol I am not a thin woman.

    Thank you, Alayne! I miss my regular posts, too. I'm going to craft one in a few minutes to keep myself awake.

    Jodie, I get to plan this one, so I KNOW the food will be de-lish.

    Funky, we're in the serious planning stages. We have the crib all squared away (except the mattress), and we've chosen some outfits to wash up for him until we see just how big he's going to be. Might only be able to wear newborn for a week. lol

  11. Hang in there! You are at the end when you get tired and the whole pregnancy thing is just not fun anymore! And 9+ pounds?...I am screaming with you!

  12. 9 pounds of baby? Big but most definitely healthy!
    Take it from me though, the pain you are expecting right now will be the worst of it. When the time comes you will be too excited to care about pain!

  13. Holy bouncing baby, Batman!

  14. I have to put in a woohoo! for the iPod Touch. I'm addicted to mine!

  15. t is beautiful all the description you do about your pregnancy, I would do this when you are pregnant someday


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