Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm All Fooled Out

You will find no April Fooling here, folks. It seems Google has done enough of that for everyone today. No, all you'll find at mine olde blog is a sincere, "Holy crap. I'm tired." I've been running hard my entire pregnancy, and I think it's finally catching up with me. I feel quite a bit like Daisy does in that pic.
I've been planning a gargantuan programs-wide meeting at work for the last month or so, and it all came to fruition yesterday. We had about 30 guests who came from off-campus, not to mention MANY faculty and staff. We met up, we ate, we toured, we broke out into individual meetings, and we met some more. For most of that time I was running 'round trying to make sure everything was going smoothly, putting out fires where I could, and generally keeping a smile on my face while it felt like my uterus might explode. After all was underway, my boss said, "OK, you can have your first contraction now." Too late! Ha! I started that last week, so there.

While Chuck had pool last night, I stayed home and rested on the couch. The kids have developed a habit of oversleeping before school, so they went to bed at a scandalously early 8:00, and I had the TV/downstairs all to myself. Heavenly! You cannot imagine how heavenly.

Alas, today I'm still dragging. My brain and thigh fog is so significant I decided to hide myself in a classroom in a corner of the building and not come out until I can remember my own name and want to move again.

Pretty uneventful post, and a whiney one at that, but it's all I really have to say. I have much grading to do before my final ultrasound on Monday. I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore. I  want to meet my little man and start this adventure. And I'm ready for my first significant time off work in about 7 years.

Now I'm going to take a nap in the break room. I dare anyone to try and stop me!


  1. Okay, rest for a little while and then tell Greyson I'm all ready for him to make his appearance!

  2. Haha! Enjoy your nap. My best friend is pregnant and I'm pretty sure she naps four times a day. :)
    Alayne - The Crowded Leaf

  3. Try and get some rest!! You need to take care of yourself. I'm glad you sent the kiddos to bed early - good for them and for you. You've had so much change on you so quickly - albeit all lovely, gorgeous change, but still - you need to take care of Andi.

  4. You don't sound whiny, Andi! Just tired, which is perfectly understandable. Get some well-deserved rest!

    PS: On a side note, I was looking at that picture of Daisy and thinking it feels like it was only yesterday that you got her and she was a wee little thing. How time flies!

  5. I didn't bop around looking for April Fool's jokes, the way I usually do, but I loved that Google header.

    That's such a cute Daisy pic! You're not whiny; you're just tired and for good reason. I remember how exhausted I was when I was pregnant -- and I didn't have to work all day! I just napped whenever I felt like it. You deserve your time off. Can't wait till little Greyson arrives!!!!

  6. Glad you got some rest while you still can!! My son was born a few days after Easter in 1992. It sounds like yours may be close to the same?

  7. Hope you got in some quality nap time!

  8. Less than two weeks to go? You're almost there!!

    Dang! I missed the Google header.

  9. When you start shouting 'get him out' you'll know it's really time. I hope he's on time so you can get busy with your new life together.


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