Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Real Estate and Reading, Heaven!

If there are two things I'm passionate about, it's real estate and books. I love houses. I love houses with books in 'em. I love decorating.

I won an ARC of Diane Meier's The Season of Second Chances and I was especially interested in this one because it's about an English professor who moves to Massachusetts and buys a Victorian fixer-upper. Heavenly!

This is one of those mid-book "just checking in" kind of posts I typically concoct when I don't feel like I'm reading enough and I desperately want to move along on a book I like. So far, I love this one!

The main character, Joy Harkness, is a lot of fun. She's been living in NYC for years, so moving to Massachusetts to teach at Amherst is something of a culture shock. Her co-workers actually talk and expect her to have lunch with them, and somehow impose themselves on her life until she finally gives in and begins to like them. At home, her contractor is an odd mix of the little boyish and the super-smart. He covers his receding hairline with a ball cap, this t-shirts pull over his tummy, and he listens to The Who nonstop. But he can also talk about poetry and history and he's a natural born house fixer and talented decorator. The passages detailing the house remodel are making me drool almost as much as all the academic-speak related to Joy's job.

In short, this is a book tailor-made for me. It's a very "quiet" novel in that there isn't much really happening at this point, so I'm looking forward to where the author might take the book in the latter half. In the meantime, I'll be daydreaming about paint color swatches and spackle.


  1. Reading this book would probably have me starting on some kind of DIY binge at my house!

  2. It sounds like a nice book. Sometimes a quiet, slow reading isn't a bad thing, on the opposite! I love reading novels that take things slowly, too.

  3. This reminds me...did you see the link I posted on Facebook to a website called Bookshelf Porn? Totally up your alley!

    And this book sounds terrific, I'll make a note of it.

  4. Kathleen, it's very tempting. I've seen a rise in the amount of home and garden TV I ingest, too.

    Kay, amen to that. I haven't read a relaxing slow read in a bit, so this is perfect.

    Jen, I did! And I loooove it. That's my kind of pron.

  5. I read this one earlier and thought it was really good. I was really surprised by the ending too so I hope you'll enjoy it!


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