Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Sunday Salon - On Accumulation

How many of us tend to accumulate books without even trying? Aside from the Advanced Readers we receive, the gifts, the contest winnings. How many of us still accumulate books maybe when we're not even reading very much?

I do! You know I do because I write about it all the time. The question is, HOW does this keep happening? The bottom line: books are comfort for me. They're a soft, squishy place where I curl up when my life is crazy.

I found myself in Barnes & Noble downloading free Nook content yesterday, and of course I managed to accumulate a few printed books and even one digital one.

I grabbed a remaindered hardcover copy of Sarah Addison Allen's The Sugar Queen. I started reading it ages ago from my library, but I think school got in the way and I laid it aside unfinished. I downloaded a copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society for a decent price from B&N for my Nook. I've had my eye on it forever, and there's always an obscene waiting list for it at the library, so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

So it continues. These are not the only books to land on my stacks lately. A couple of pretty Hemingways found their way home with me from a neighborhood garage sale, and several e-books found their way to my wishlist yesterday in the store. More on those later.

For now, my son is at his G-Mama's house and I have some reading to do. I'm looking the other way so the laundry won't know it's being passed over. Still reading: The Season of Second Chances.

Posts on the horizon: Essays I've read lately, and a post on the marriage of magical realism and food.


  1. I'm a wicked book hoarder. It's kind of sad! :-) I weeded a whole bunch recently but only because I know there are more on the way!

  2. Marie, I know the feeling. I weeded a ton several months ago, and now I suppose I'm feeling the urge to fill the gaps back in. Must fight the feeling!

  3. It is so hard not to accumulate, I have to agree. Case in point - on my way home from BEA where I got TONS of books, I just stopped in the airport bookstore and bought another....

  4. I've weeded my collection earlier this year but started buying more books again.*sigh* Books are a comfort to me but I prefer to have most of mine read instead of unread.

  5. I am shameless. Who knows how many books I've acquired and stashed away for a rainy day? Add to the stash, now, of real books all those ebooks (do they count?) and I'm close to being declared a library in my own right.

  6. I totally enjoy Sarah Addison Allen's books and I loved the Gurnsey book. One of my favorites. Hope you are enjoying your reading time. I too love to have books around for comfort.

  7. Somehow the collecting gene skipped me. I'm a knitter without a stash, and I'm a reader without a stack of books. Spending money is so difficult for me that I can't bring myself to buy a book unless it is for reference (like cookbooks) and if I absolutely can't borrow it from the library or a friend.

  8. I have come to believe that books have feet and wander into my house when I'm sleeping. :-)

    I find comfort in books too, which I think is why it's so hard for me to cull my stacks, which is my current project.

    I hope you enjoyed your reading today!

  9. Accumulations is I think something every bookblogger suffers from. It is very hard not to go out and buy books every week.

  10. LOL, Amy! This sounds so much like something I would do. Those airport bookstores are hard for me to pass over for some reason.

    Vasilly, I would prefer to have most of them read, too, but it never quite seems to work that way for me. I've thought about chucking the whole unread stack (bookcase) and starting over.

    Readerbuzz, it's easier not to count the e-books isn't it?? Who cares that I have 20-something on my Nook, though many of those have been free classics downloads. Another facet of the book-acculumulating thing that helps me sleep at night.

    Thanks, Amanda! Guernsey hasn't really grabbed me yet, which I find surprising. Given all the buzz I thought it would reach out and snatch me by the hair. I'm hoping I can sink into it between classes today.

    Dani, I'm a pretty tight spender myself and tend to only buy books at used bookstores, rummage sales, etc. I do spring for the occasional e-book nowadays, but not for more than $10 (and $10 is a stretch most of the time).

    Thanks, Wendy! And thank you for that image. I'm sure the books march into my place at night, too. I think I'll share that with Chuck. Maybe he can install better locks and then he won't be shuttling my stacks of new and library books around the house so often. lol

    Iris, I typically don't have a problem weekly. Monthly would be a different story. :DDD And when I'm not reading as much as usual, ironically, I tend to collect more drunk on the promise of future reading.

  11. According to me, I'm on a library ban so I can work on my stacks. Well, it doesn't help that I keep buying new books. It's a sickness, I tell 'ya! :)

  12. Well! You're certainly in for a treat: The Sugar Queen and Guernsey were two of my very most favorite reads in 2009. And I hoard books like there's no tomorrow, though I'm slowly (very slowly) trying to break myself of the habit. We're book lovers... it's just so hard.

    P.S. I'm using some of the gorgeous binder clips you sent at Christmastime, and smile everytime I look at them! So pretty! Makes my work day even better :)

  13. LOL, Iliana. Such a good sickness.

    Meg, I'm so glad you liked both of those. I haven't gotten to dive far enough into Guernsey to know if I love it yet, but I'm excited to *finally* be reading it. Glad you're loving your binder clips, too! :D


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