Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the Bloggiesta Begin!

I'm a tad late to the Bloggiesta starting line because there was a baby reclining on me having a bottle at 8:00 this morning, and I just got to work at 9:00, so I had to hunt down the appropriate breakfast of caffeine and chocolate to keep me awake until lunch.

If you're not already familiar, Bloggiesta is hosted by Natasha at Maw Books and it's a three day event to spend some quality time on blog improvement. There are mini-challenges, improvement ideas, community, and general bloggy fun, so if you're at all interested, go sign up at the starting line I linked up at the top of this post.

Here's my to-do list for Bloggiesta at this point:
  • Fix my top navigation so it actually links to something
  • Make sure 2010 Reads are linked to their reviews
  • Update Challenge page, review policy, etc.
  • Update and include my Flickr feed for ease of baby picture viewing
  • Snazz up the template here and there
  • Clean up my feed reader
  • Nail down a couple of big bloggy projects to be unveiled soon!
I'm sure it'll change as I work on the place over the next three days, but that's how it stands now. I'll be updating every so often. See you then!

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