Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing: The Nook "LendMe" Library Blog!

I was hit by a stroke of inspiration! As a Barnes and Noble Nook user, I always itch to use the "LendMe" feature to loand and borrow books, but none of my "real life" friends have a Nook! Thus, I'm dependent on bloggers to Lend with me.

With this urge in mind, I've created the LendMe Library, a blog where I'll list available LendMe books from Nook users and bloggers. If you want to borrow a book from someone, come browse the database of titles, contact the owner (me!), and you're ready to go!

Because this is a brand new blog, I'm the only person with available books listed in the database of Lendables. Come on over and help me fill it up!


  1. Hello...found you along with my blog award from Coffee and a Book Chic.

    CONGRATS on your award.

    Nice blog.

  2. Um, hello, you may want to copyright this idea or something because what a GREAT IDEA!! Now, I just need to get me a Nook, and then we are GOLDEN!

  3. BRILLIANT! Wish I had a Nook so I could start sharing! Now someone needs to start this for the Kindle ...

  4. Heading over to add titles from my nook to your list. What a great idea.

  5. OMG Andi, you're a GENIUS!!! :D I love this idea so much!!!! I'll be adding my titles over there as soon as I get a chance and I'll most certainly be bookmarking the site!! Hooray :D

  6. Fantastic idea! I'm a cheapskate who only has free books on my nook at the moment, but I'll follow and join in when I have titles available to share!

  7. You're genius!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth! It's nice to meet you!

    Natalie, LOL! I may need to buy a domain and streamline the process at the very least. :)

    Thanks, Heather! I wish you had a Nook, too! We could share and gush all the time. :D

    Suzanne, thanks so much! I've already added your books to the site. For books that more than one person are offering, I put the number we have available in parentheses with the listing.

    Yay, Chris!

    Jen, I have a lot of classics I was able to download for free from B&N recently when they did a promotion. I was surprised that so many were Lendable! I only have a handful of others that I've bought that are LendMe capable.

    Thanks, Jill! I try, I try.

  9. I had no idea you could lend books to a friend on a nook. What a great feature!

  10. Fabulous idea! I mentioned it to a Nook customer the other day and she was intrigued.

  11. Dude, you are BRILLIANT. I'm heading over there now. (I'm sorry I only have one Lend Me book on my Nook right now!)

  12. Hi, I was sent over to your blog by Amanda (Zen Leaf) and Jill (Fizzy Thoughts) because I just posted something about this today not realizing you had started this other blog. What a great idea!!! I'm going to go add some books in a few minutes. =) Glad to find your blog too!

  13. This is awesome! I'll be back after Christmas when I'll finally have a nook!!!! :)

  14. You are brilliant! Hooray for this fabulous idea! I'd love to share, once I figure out how, but you can count me in the plan. xo

  15. Cool idea! I've only bought a couple B&N books so far but I'll keep this new blog in mind.

  16. Kate, it is a really clever feature. There are some restrictions put into place for copyright purposes: can only lend once, to once person, limited amount of time, etc. Which makes sense, for sure.

    Awesome! Thanks, Les!

    Emily, I took advantage of some of the free B&N classics they offered recently, and I was really surprised that those were LendMe books! Before that I think I only had two or three that were LendMe capable.

    GREAT! Thanks for coming over, Jenny!

    Mollie, congrats on the impending arrival of your new Nook! I'm sure you'll be very happy together. :D

    Great, Bellezza! I posted an article over at the LendMe library site that explains how to use the LendMe feature. I haven't used it yet either, so I thought that might be helpful for everyone.

    Thanks, Candace!


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