Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Affinity Readalong, Part 1 and 2 (Finis!)

Part II Post

Morning, y'all! It's now Tuesday, April 5th, and I'm adding Part 2 to my original Part 1 Affinity Readalong post. This is actually the second of two, and therefore, the last post of this readalong. Of course, I'm not done with the book! That would just be madness to actually be on schedule. The good news is, after Greyson's first virus, everyone seems to still be standing. After some hellish weeks at work, also still standing (I seem to be saying that a lot lately). The good news is that Greyson is on a perfect, wonderful, awesomely timed schedule and falls asleep prompty at 8pm, so I usually still have some energy to paint my nails or, OH, read!

So, what do y'all think? Have you finished? Still working on it?? I wanna know! I'll post my official review when I'm done. Getting there!

Part I

Hey folks! It's finally here! The Affinity Readalong is underway. I'm sorry it's quite late in the day, but as usual, I'm scrambling to keep up with work/home/reading balance. That said, my portion of this will be quite vague. I'm not quite through Parts I and II but I certainly already have some impressions of these characters and this novel.

First off, I am absolutely, positively entranced by prison. Don't want to go there myself, but I initially picked this book for myself because it's set in a prison during this time period. After reading about the real, and now defunct, Millbank Prison, I was even more excited to dive into the pages.

Thus far, the setting is right up my alley. I've just passed the portion where Margaret Prior gets to see exactly how the new prisoners are brought into the system. Their hair is cut, they're examined by a doctor, they're stripped of all their possessions. It's a frightening thought, for sure, but also quite fascinating to see how these women are indoctrinated into their new "home." I've also been quite interested to "meet" some of the prisoners and learn of their crimes. Of course, Selina Dawes is at the center of it all.

Someone mentioned the other day (on Facebook or Twitter...sorry, my brain has left me) that they'd struggled with knowing who was speaking in the beginning. Jill! Ha! It was Jill. My mind is not completely gone! And at first I had that issue as well. It threw me to switch back and forth between Margaret Prior's journal and Selina Dawes' journal? I guess it's her journal. Chronicles of the "spirits" who have visited her, their cause of death, and so on. Fascinating, but confusing in the beginning, nonetheless.

The pacing of the whole thing strikes me as very "Wilkie Collins." I'm repeatedly reminded of The Woman in White as I'm reading. I'm really at quite a precarious spot to be "discussing" because I just want to know so much MORE at this point. I want to know more about Dawes' living situation and her fellow mediums. I want to know more about Margaret Prior's dead (and supposedly haunting) father, I want to know more about Prior's past! More, more, more!

And as I type, my Nook is charging in my office. I will most definitely be using my lunch hour to do some more reading and get caught up with everyone.

How's it going so far? What are your thoughts on the characters, writing, setting? How does this stack up with others of Waters' novels you've read?

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  1. Very Wilkie Collins vibe! My post is up. I'm loving it so far.

  2. Andi- I love the atmosphere of this book as well. The prison is so creepy but I can't help but want to read more. I'm really looking forward to continuing on with this book!

  3. My post about parts one and two will go up today! I love it so far ':-)

  4. Just got caught up with Parts I and II...I vascilate between creeped out, intrigued and weirded out so far in this book. I am still confused at times with the perspective switches...this is my first Waters book to read so I don't really have much to compare it to. I do want to keep reading...if only to figure out just what the heck is really going on??

  5. I'm already in reading, and very grave blogging, debt, or else I'd be reading along too. This is the only one of Sarah Waters's books I haven't read yet, and it looks mighty good to me. Soon! Soon I will read it!

  6. I'm a bit behind, as I'm only on p. 63, but I'm hoping to catch up later today. It's off to a bit of a slow start and I'm not quite as enthralled as I have been by her other books. Although I have overcome my earlier issues with the narration!

  7. I'm back to confess that I finished the book today. I still think the first two parts lagged, though. I wouldn't recommend this as the first Waters book to read.

  8. I'm on pg. 229...and am anxious for some answers...the book is losing a little steam for me so I'm ready to be done. Hopefully my attitude will change when I finally get some answers.


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