Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Sunday Salon - I'm a Reading Tart

Happy lazzzyyy Sunday, y'all. Greyson has had a little bit of a cold, he's kindly passed it along to me, and I've spent the majority of my morning watching Food Network and dozing. I would really prefer to read, but staying awake has been a challenge.

I'm in the midst of several books (as I've mentioned recently). I'm wrapping up The United States of Arugula for the March 14th BookClubSandwich discussion. I had a preconceived notion that this book would be about FOOD, and it certainly is, to some extent. But it's much more about PEOPLE. Likewise, it examines food movements in the U.S. I won't give away too much since the discussion is coming up soon, but I think I could've gotten a really good feel for this book if I'd read this blurb from first:

One day we woke up and realized that our macaroni had become pasta, that our Wonder Bread had been replaced by organic whole wheat, that sushi was fast food, and that our tomatoes were heirlooms. How did all this happen, and who made it happen? The United States of Arugula is the rollicking, revealing chronicle of how gourmet eating in America went from obscure to pervasive, thanks to the contributions of some outsized, opinionated iconoclasts who couldn't abide the status quo.
 It's taking me a bit to read this roughly 400-pager. Non-fiction always moves a little slower than fiction for me. Given that I've been reading it for a little over a week, I'm feeling a little unfaithful and tarty.  It's taking ALL I HAVE not to read Affinity until I'm done with The United States of Arugula. I'm also bound and determined to read Room before it has to go back to the library. I was on hold so long, I'd feel like an arse if I didn't read it.

Looking forward a bit more, I need to start working on my 2011 challenges. So far I'm doing the best on the E-Book Challenge. When I finish Affinity and The United States of Arugula, I'll be 1/3 of the way through the challenge on my way to 12 e-books for the year. I don't think I'll have any problem surpassing that number.

The Chunkster Challenge will likely be my biggest hurdle for the year. Given the limited free time, Chunksters make me a bit antsy. I'm gonna try, though! I have lots of chunkies on the shelves that get avoided, so I shouldn't have any shortage of material to work with.

Finally, What's in a Name 4 will take some focus!!! I need to see if I own any books that meet the requirements.

How's your Sunday? Your challenges for the year?

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