Monday, April 18, 2011

Is That a Book Holding Onto My Nosehairs?

Before you run screaming at the title of this post, it goes hand in hand with my old saying that I want a book to really grab me by the nosehairs. I think one might've finally done it. But I'm saying it very softly, never out loud, for fear that my reading mojo will turn tail and RUN again.

Yesterday was Greyson's and my mom's birthday. I can't believe Greyson is a year old already. And for the record, my mom is 56, but she's starting over at 1 this year. We had a good day with cake and treats (pictures to come), and while Chuck was napping with Greyson, I started a new-to-me book! It's no stranger to the Interwebs, and especially book bloggers, but I'm just getting to The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, by Aimee Bender.

I've really been surprised--and maybe I won't be by the time I'm done reading this book--at all the critical attention it's received. The premise doesn't feel new!!! Rose Edelstein discovers, on the eve of her 9th birthday, that she can taste emotions in food.

OK. That sounds sort of Sarah Addison Allen to me. A little Alice Hoffman.

But WHOA the attention this book has gotten. It was even a strong contender in this year's Morning News Tournament of Books! I suppose my biggest curiosity diving into this one is what makes it different (ie, more literary) from any number of other food-emotion books of a fluffier fare. Is there really any difference? Only reading it can tell me for sure, and so far, I'm game. Bender seems to have an approachable, easy-to-read style, and I can't wait to see where this one takes me.

In other news, my Great Expectations re-read seems to have stoked my reading fire. Not sure I'll finish that re-read this time around, though. I just re-read the book a year or two ago, and it's still pretty fresh. We'll see. I'm enjoying petting my pretty Penguin classics edition, though.

Finally, I've put Affinity on hold for only a short while. I'm really loving it, I just needed something different since it fell victim to a lot of work and life stress.

Happy Monday, y'all! How's your reading going?

P.S. I'm reading Lemon Cake on my Nook. A copy I downloaded from I actually started reading it yesterday on my iPhone--a testament to its awesomeness.


  1. When I started reading Lemon Cake I thought it was going to be very Sarah Addison Allen but it's really not. I think once you finish you'll understand the critical attention. It certainly was not the book I expected it to be. :)

  2. Cool, Sassy! I figured as much, but in the beginning there isn't a whole lot to separate it from others. I'm starting Chapter 4 and will try to sneak some reading in during my workday.

  3. Happy Monday and yay for Lemon Cake! It's the one book that I was really rooting for during the Tournament of Books. Have a great week!

  4. I haven't been interested in Lemon Cake thus far, but now I am thinking I should download the sample and give it a shot.

  5. I can't believe Greyson is a year old either! It makes me feel old to see that I'm almost as old as your mother. I'm glad you've found a book that's grabbed your attention.

  6. Oh, crap. Like I needed you and Sassy to add to my wish list. LOL

    Happy belated birthday to Grayson and your mother!! She's not that much older than I am!! I can't believe I'm getting so old. My knees believe it, but the rest of me is seriously not convinced.

  7. Thanks, Natasha!!! Lovin' it so far!

    Lola, good luck with it if you decide to take the plunge!

    Kathy, time flies, eh?? It's crazy! Thanks, and I hope the good reading mojo stays with me.

    Whahahahaha, Nancy! That's my wicked, evil book enabler laugh.

  8. I feel very much the same about the Lemon Cake- WHY is it so popular? I don't want to wait all the way until the end of the book to find out :-P My sister bought the book recently, though, so maybe I'll ask her what she thought of it. Not only in books, but wasn't there also a movie about a woman who put her feelings into her food?

  9. Oooh! I picked this up at the library Saturday. Despite my resistance to the title (ever since I read "How I Became a Famous Novelist" I've had issues with titles that strike me as pretentious) I figured I'd see what the buzz is about.

    I just have to finish my latest Stephen King first...

    P.S. Who is Sarah Addison Allen? Am I missing out?

  10. The problem with Lemon Cake (imo) is that the title just doesn't work. I mean, Lemon Cake?? Yum! It's like sunshine in the mouth. Also, the's too bright and cheery. The book, on the other hand, gets kinda dark and trippy. And while I do like dark and trippy, I had a few issues with this one.

    And dude! One year old?? Already??? Happy b-day Greyson!

  11. I did not like this book. At all. I hope you have a better experience with it.

  12. To pick on on what Softdrink said... yes, the cover doesn't reflect the book very well. I think that was a big problem with the book as a whole. I think most people went into thinking it was Alice Hoffman/Sarah Addison Allen-esque and the book doesn't deliver that. It wasn't as advertised.

    I had read just enough about it before reading it that I knew what not to expect so I liked it but if I had been expecting something more happy and magical I don't think I would have.

  13. I keep hearing great things about this one, so I hope a copy comes up on Bookmooch soon. Thanks for the rec.

  14. I read Lemon Cake and loved it - up to the end.

  15. I've heard mixed reviews for this book, but if it's got you by the nose hairs, it must be great!! I've only read one book by Addison, so maybe I won't make the comparison that others have.

    I'm with Nancy. I'm almost as old as your mom, but certainly don't feel it. Except after sitting on the floor too long. My legs and knees aren't as flexible as they used to be! Happy BDay to that adorable little boy.

  16. Aarti, it was that HORRIBLE Sarah Michelle Gellar movie. Simply Irresistable? I think that might be the title. lol I'm gonna have that movie in my head now.

    JENNNNNNNN!!!!!! I'm so thrilled to be able to share Sarah Addison Allen with you. She's a southern writer whose books have a touch of the magical in them. All very sweet and odd and laced with magical, foodie goodness. Start with Garden Spells and go from there!

    Jill, dark and trippy??? Really! It doesn't look dark and trippy at all. It looks like Jennifer Weiner's book, Good in Bed! lol And yes, a year old. He totally knows he's adorable and a stinkerooo too. :)

    Thanks, Suzanne. I hope so too!

    Thanks, Sassy. Definitely a problem of marketing it seems.

    Good luck mooching a copy, Andi! I pretty much gave up because I could NEVER snag a copy of stuff I wanted. lol

    Alex, I hear that a lot, and I'm intrigued!

    We'll see how it goes, Les. The nosehairs might get let go at some point, but so far so good!

  17. Glad to hear that you might be getting your reading mojo back. That is such a great feeling! Wow, has it really be a year since your son was born? See, I told you that it would go by fast!

  18. A lot of people were excited when this book first came out and then disappointed by it so I decided to wait for the hype to die down. Interested to hear your thoughts on it!

  19. I hope you love Lemon Cake. I certainly did. Sarah Addison Allen and Alice Hoffman are two of my faves so obviously I loved this book. I would say it's definitely more literary than Sarah Addison Allen. I loved it. :)


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