Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Blogger,

I'm glad to see you are back, but I'd really prefer you not act like one of the spoiled, temperamental students I occasionally run across.


Ms. M.

Still deciding if I'll repost my missing posts or hope Blogger restores them.


  1. I'm holding out hope that the deleted posts and drafts will come back. Mostly because I'm too frustrated and lazy to start re-writing them right now.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I subscribe to my own blog via e-mail to make sure I'm happy with the format (not because I'm vain, I promise). Oddly, my post yesterday came through in that feed, but never loaded onto my blog. So, I copied and pasted it from my e-mail as a new entry. Weeeirrd. I guess I better figure out how to back up my blog just in case.

  4. I know! I don't use Blogger, but I was so annoyed I couldn't comment on anyone's blogs. So glad it's back up.

  5. Welp, I'm excited that my missing posts came back, Red. Wahoo!!!

    Phaedosia, I subscribe to mine in my feed reader, so I was excited I would be able to copy/paste if need be!

    Picky, it was annoying. I went through my feed reader and posted on all the Wordpress and Typepad blogs I could to get my fix. lol

  6. This might sound disloyal but the recent Blogger screw-up actually made me consider switching to Wordpress... Thank goodness everything's back to normal. :)

  7. Well, at least your note is more polite than mine. Which I deleted in embarrassment, but it still soothed me to write. Even if all the public did get to see it. Your response, while it was up, made me laugh. We're very simpatico, you and I. Hope that doesn't offend you. :)


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