Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Sunday Salon - The Quick Version!

Happy Sunday, everyone! It's a quick Sunday Salon today. I spent part of the weekend at my mom's house grading papers and trying to get caught up with my online classes. Tomorrow it's back to work and the madness of the end of the term.

Truth be known, while I was working, I also got a pedicure and bought a kickass pair of wedges. Chuck is rolling his eyes right now. Ahem!

After finishing up The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake earlier this week, I took a quick look at my shelves and plucked Little Black Book of Stories by A.S. Byatt. I've never read Byatt -- well, never finished any Byatt. I figured this would be a good opportunity, and I'm hoping somehow this little collection will fit into Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge.

So far I'm really enjoying Byatt. The first story, "The Thing in the Woods" is fabulous. Very creepy and a little icky and a whole lot cool with some WWII background built in. Hopefully I'll be able to read more later today and I'll have more to report this week.

I'm about to pack up some stuff and head back to Dallas to round out the weekend with Chuck and the Rockets. I hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Sounds like you are keeping VERY busy! Good luck with everything and with trying to fit in reading time amongst all of it :)

  2. I feel like I've seen A.S. Byatt everywhere recently. Glad you're enjoying it!

  3. Teaching would be the most awesome job ever if we just didn't have to grade. That's my big plan for all day tomorrow - grading papers. :(

  4. Samantha, unfortunately, yes! I'm blessed to have a job in this economy, but a vacation for a week or so would SURE be nice. :D

    Ash, Byatt is quite the popular one. I tried Possession back in the day, but didn't get very far. Having much better luck with this one.

    Trisha, amen to that!!! Good luck with your paper grading day.

  5. What, no picture of the wedges?! :)

    Tell us more about the A.S. Byatt collection. I've been pretty hit or miss with her books.

  6. I've not heard of this A.S. Byatt book, and I loved Persuasion with all my heart. (Although it took several attempts to get to that place. Perhaps you'll find the passion for iti some day, when it's not immediately available as it wasn't for me. Does that make sense?) Thanks for telling me about it.

  7. Hah. I've never finished any Byatt, either. I've started Possession twice...once in book form and once on audio.

  8. Iliana, I will toootally post pics of the wedges. They're super cute!!! I'll give you an update on the Byatt book when I finish another story. The first one was good but fell a wee tad flat at the end.

    No problem, Bellezza! I live to enable. I'm glad to hear that Possession takes a little time to niggle into one's heart. Maybe I'll give it another go sometime.

    Jill, I haven't tried it on audio, though that might (in theory) help me get through the poetry parts. Hmmm!


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