Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week of the Fiery Hair

Not the title of a book, unfortunately.

It's the changeover week from one academic term to the next. Yesterday was the first day students were back on campus and today I work a 13 hour day. Umm, yeah. SO that's why I haven't posted this week. Also had some very exciting, tornado-sireny weather in Texas the night before last, and Greyson ran a 103 fever all night. Not the best night I've ever had, but outside of the craziness, I have been reading!

I'm smack in the middle of Tom McCarthy's C a very weird and slightly disturbing novel so far. But, I like that sort of thing so it's all good. I realize a big chunk of the blogosphere is BEAing and Book Blogger CONing and Armchair BEAing this week, and I can't wait to grab some time to catch up on my blog reading and find out how everyone's week has been!

Also, did everyone see the announcement for the 2nd Generation NOOK??!!! I totally want one.

For now, I'm going back to work. I will be reading at lunch and maybe blog reading a bit. Oh, and my laptop is in the shop, so regular posting should resume when I get it back and work calms down a bit. In the meantime, behave and happy reading!


  1. Weird and slightly disturbing works for me. Am planning to read this soon. I like the cover - I guess that's the US edition. Over here in England, the cover's just got a great big letter C on it - not very imaginative!

  2. Yeesh, sounds like a crazy time for you! Hope things calm down soon!

  3. Why would I misbehave if you're not around to watch me??? Silly girl!

    I hope things calm down soon and you get your laptop back! I want to hear more about this 'C'.

  4. I totally want the new Nook too, and I totally can't justify it because my 'old' one isn't even a year old. Maybe the faint hairline down the right hand side will get darker (when I purposely drop it?) so I'll have to get a new one. That's the problem with technology, it never lasts as long as the stuff I used to play with in the 60's did.

    Gotta admit, the book cover alone looks a bit creepy.

  5. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on C as I like weird and kinda disturbing. LOL! Good luck with starting a new semester!

  6. I've seen this book several times in the store and the cover is just so odd and off-putting to me. Not exactly sure why.

    I'm still not keen on the e-readers, in no small part because we are in that cycle now where just when you get the latest one a new "improved" version will come out.

    Hope you get your computer back quickly and that it is in great shape.

  7. C was nominated for the Indie Lit Awards earlier this year and I read it in January -- definitely an unusual, interesting book! Can't say it was one of my favorites, but conversation-provoking to be sure.

  8. Andrew, thanks for stopping in! I've seen the British cover and do prefer the creepy American version. This one just keeps increasing its odd factor the further I read. Definitely gonna finish.

    Jenny, thanks! Things are leveling out. Beginning to miss my laptop and my regular posting/blog reading.

    LOL, Heather. True! C is great. Will do a "reading in progress" post soon.

    Bellezza, I hear ya. I want it and can't justify it either. The cover is a pretty fair representation of the book! lol

    Thanks, Samantha! And the weird/disturbing just continues with C. The further I get, the darker.

    Thanks, Carl! I hate being in that "new e-reader a month" cycle as well. Seems like a new and improved version is always popping up. Though I may lust after the new Nook, I feel certain I'll hang onto Homer, my first generation, for a good while longer. I'd feel like a traiter otherwise!

    Meg, I find myself doing the sideways, dog-like eye cock when I'm reading it. Very strange, but definitely not many dull moments!


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