Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Holiday Time Out and Back to the Books

That's right! This reading mama took a time out over the weekend. I did something Saturday I almost neverrrr do: stayed in my jammies all day long. Chuck was a huge help with Greyson, and I more or less laid around in a resting coma all the live-long day. It was awesome. Sunday we spent time at my mom's house, Monday for July 4th we swam and grilled out. All-in-all it was a very restful, non-bookish weekend, and I needed that.

I'm of the mind that the time we spend away from books is almost as important as the time we spend with books. Sometimes I just want to shut down for a moment and recharge. Now I'm itching to get right back to them!

I had my heart set on a re-read of Hotel World, by Ali Smith for Orange July, but I've discovered that it must be in storage at the moment, so I grabbed The Accidental off my shelves instead. I have to tell you, I was a little bored by the first chapter until the end when I met a very strange and enigmatic character, indeed. And now that I'm on to the second chapter, I'm meeting more enigmatic characters.

Smith's writing style is still quirky and stream-of-consciousnessy in this novel as it was in Hotel World, though not nearly as hardcore as someone like Virginia Woolf (for those of you who don't particularly like SOC). It certainly has shades of the unusual and the dark, and I'm excited to dig in a bit more at lunch today.

How was your weekend and holiday if you're in the States? If not, how's your week starting out?

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