Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Want to Eat This Book

It's not because it has calamari on the cover either. I just love, adore, and squee (!!!) every time I see this cover. The blue background is stunning and rich, the tentacle is a striking contrast. It's whimsical and foreboding all the same.

I want to eat it.

It's in my NetGalley queue, but not for long!

Blurb: Loory's collection of wry and witty, dark and perilous contemporary fables is populated by people--and monsters and trees and jocular octopi--who are motivated by the same fears and desires that isolate and unite us all. In this singular universe, televisions talk (and sometimes sing), animals live in small apartments where their nephews visit from the sea, and men and women and boys and girls fall down wells and fly through space and find love on Ferris wheels. In a voice full of fable, myth, and dream, Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day draws us into a world of delightfully wicked recognitions, and introduces us to a writer of uncommon talent and imagination.

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