Friday, September 09, 2011

Choosing What to Read After The Night Circus, or Book Binge!

As you all know, we're inching closer to the closing of the Borders chain here in the U.S. I've been on the Borders e-mail list for ages, and when I started getting sale notices, I didn't pay much attention. But when I got the most recent sale notice, and everything was 70-80% off, I leapt into action like a book-eating jungle cat.

Only moments ago, I finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and let me tell you all, I am BURSTING to post about it. BUT, Heather and I are reading it together and I'm waiting to discuss it with her a bit before I gush to you all. However, if you've noticed my sidebar you will now realize that I've hereby declared The Night Circus "The BEST Book EVER in the Land." Pretty swanky title, eh? More on that later...

SO, trade paperbacks 70-80% off are reasonably cheap, so I got myself four of them at the Borders sale. I'm now circling them trying to decide what to read next that might even remotely hold a candle to The Night Circus. OR something that might be different enough from "The BEST Book EVER in the Land" to keep my reading mojo smoldering. I picked up...
  • Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters because I was so overcome with adoration for The Little Stranger
  • Amsterdam by Ian McEwan because he totally RULES ME with books like On Chesil Beach and Atonement
  • The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy because there's Holocaust/fairy tale tie-in element and I'm for sho' all over that 
  • Born to Rule: Five Reigning Consorts, Granddaughters of Queen Victoria by Julia P. Gelardi (non-fiction) because I have an ongoing and ever-growing obsession with all things Victoria ever since I watched the film, The Young Victoria, starring the stunning, grossly attractive, and always fashion-forward Emily Blunt (girl crush)
 So what should I read???? Have you, or you, or you read any of these books? Are you lusting after any of them too? HELP!

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