Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Sunday Salon - Le Weird Weekend

An earthquake in Oklahoma? Setting the clocks back in November? My 31st birthday in four days? Overall, just weird. It's been a weird (but good) week and weekend.

Baby G is staying with family and I've had almost 24 hours of time to do whatever I want. We had a freak Internet outage yesterday, so while I'd planned to knock out scads of grading for my online classes, I ended up playing SIMS2 for several hours. Not that playing SIMS isn't wonderful, but it was most certainly not in the productive plan. On the productive side, I did laundry, changed sheets, cleaned (I can almost close my closet door now), and my mom took me shopping for some pre-birthday birthday gifts: two pairs of ballet flats I can wear for work or play (one pewter, one bronze).

On the reading front, I'm still chugging along with Bad Marie, and I'm wondering how bad things are going to get for Marie! She's pretty clueless about life in general and responsibility, but there are also some pretty crazy external happenings working on Marie. It's gonna be a big ole train wreck, I'm sure, I just don't know what the carnage will involve yet.

In my previous post, I asked you lovely bloggy readers what type of books you depend on to bust your slumps. Natasha from 1330V mentioned graphic novels. I used to count graphic novels among my favorite go-to reading, but graphic novel and comics reading has really fallen by the wayside for me in the last few years. I suspect it's a side effect of having devoted SO much time to them in graduate school, but I also expect it's because they don't travel so well.

Many of the graphic novels on my shelves at home are CHUNKsters, fo' sho'. Watch for a post on my graphic novel TBR to post tomorrow. Easily-stuck-in-purse or not, I think I'm going to make more of a concerted effort to tackle my unread graphic novels in coming months (and early next year).

For now, I'm off to let shower water run over my head in hopes of killing this bitchin' headache I woke up with. Is it sinus pressure? Is it tension? Who the heck knows, so I took meds for both. Exciting Sunday, eh?

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