Monday, December 12, 2011

BBHS: The Gift Has Landed!

It's been my pleasure to participate in the Book Blogger Holiday swap (click the pic for a direct link) for the last few years, and this year was as delightful as ever! I had a great time discovering my Santee's, Jodie's blog...Uniquely Moi Books. Don't worry, she's already received her gift, so I'm not letting the Santa out of the bag. :)

Friday evening, I headed out of town with two of my girlfriends and spent some quality time playing the Wizard of Oz slot machines at a nearby casino. I never do stuff like that, but the girls wanted a change of scenery, and it was a lot of fun. Halfway through my girls night, my mother texted to let me know my Secret Santa box had arrived at the house and I tooootally SQUEEED with delight.

I'm not one to wait until Christmas (way too impatient for that), so I tore into the box as soon as I arrived home.

I was delighted to find a box from Stacy at Stacy's Books! Stacy was very thoughtful and sent some really wonderful goodies my way. First was a tote from Barnes and Noble that I adore. I've eyeballed this thing for years, never taking the plunge to buy it for myself! She also included one of my wishlist books: The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman. I've been lusting after it for a while now as the blurb reminds me of my very favorite Alice Hoffman book, Blackbird House. And also included in my bag: a pink folding snowflake mirror. It's adorable and just what I've been looking for to carry in my purse.

Thank you, THANK YOU to Stacy for the lovely gifts, and also to Marg and all the helpers behind the scenes who make the swap happen!

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