Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pause for Christmas Spirit

Given some of the ever-present drama in "real life" lately, it's been a little hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year. The last week or so, Greyson and I have spent some time watching Christmas movies at night and I've watched a few Christmas specials after he goes to bed. It's helped my Christmas spirit along...a lot!

I'm REALLY picky about my holiday music, favoring songs like "O Holy Night" and other tunes that lend themselves to high-flying vocals. My fave musical special so far this year is the CMA Country Christmas. My favorite performance was "The Little Drummer Boy" a la Faith Hill. I should mention, I'm a little biased since I played the bass xylophone thingy to accompany this song in my 4th grade Christmas program. We rocked it.

Take it away, Faith!!!


  1. I loved that segment on the Country Christmas show...that's one of my favorite songs too.

    Your little boy is getting very grown up! What a cutie he is.

    Andi, I hope life smooths out for you real soon, and that you have a peaceful, happy Christmas.

  2. I haven't had much Christmas spirit this year, but getting ready for our son and nephew to come tomorrow and baking cookies has helped me a lot. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I hate to hear it! I hope the holiday gets a little brighter! Merry Christmas. & I'll admit that I've been listening to Christmas music non stop this year. I can't help it.

  4. We have that chair! I was never so happy as the day LE learned to get OUT of it. She could get in, but then couldn't pull herself back out.

    O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song, but off to listen to Faith.

  5. Wowie, is that your baby?! He grew big so fast! Such a cutie!

  6. We can be meh together.

  7. Becca, thank you, ma'am. He is growing up quick, eh? He amazes me every day.

    Kathy, glad I'm not the only one getting off to a slow start this year! Hope you have a wonderful time with your son and nephew!

    Beth, I've been listening to more Christmas music than I normally do, actually. A little country, a little Michael Buble in the mix. Ha!

    Lisa, I LOVE that chair!! He has that one and another one that's lawn chair style. Sits in both of them quite often!

    Steph, tell me about it!!! I have no idea how he got so big so fast.

    Right on, Jill.

  8. Thanks for sharing this with us. I needed a little Christmas cheer with the way that things have been going around here.

  9. I've had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, myself. It helps to keep busy at work and boy, oh boy, is it ever busy at work!! I hope you and that adorable little boy have a wonderful Christmas together. Seeing and celebrating through the eyes of a child is what makes it so very special.

    Merry Christmas, dear friend. Here's to a very happy new year.


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