Monday, March 26, 2012

Doing It Right: Mary Pauline Lowry on Social Media, Pt. 1

Those of you who have been around this blog for a minute know that I'm not a fan of the increasing mechanization or depersonalization of the publisher-to-blogger or author-to-blogger relationship. I threw a fit about this a while ago, and many of you agreed with me that increasing influence in blogging is...well...a drag.

Recently, after taking part in Friday Reads on Twitter, I was chosen as one of the day's random winners. In my case, it was a copy of The Earthquake Machine by Mary Pauline Lowry. Admittedly, I was excited to win the book, but I wasn't sure it was my cup of tea. I put the book on my stacks with good intentions to read it...someday.

While I'm often taken aback by the growing sway publishers exert over freelance reviewers, I'm also woman enough to spread the word when a publisher or author really does it right. Such was the case when Mary Pauline Lowry sent a wonderful, personal, thoughtful, human e-mail asking me to consider reading and reviewing her book.

The e-mail was truly a thing of charm and loveliness. She knew my name! She commented upon my work as a professor! She commented upon my full load as a mom! She shared about herself and her family! Truly a wonderful, chatty e-mail and one I appreciated so much for reaching out to me on a personal level, I turned right back around and asked her to do a guest post on how she uses social media.

This topic is obviously of interest to me as I'm embarking on my new career as an interactive media diva (technical term). But I also just feel lucky to be able to pass along a note about how wonderful, thoughtful, and respectful of my time Mary Pauline Lowry is. She is an author truly doing this social media thing RIGHT!

I hope you'll come back on Wednesday to read her guest post. She's a gem, this one!


  1. I got a lovely email from her and I'm considering how to reply. I'm not sure if I'm going to get her book or not but I didn't send her email directly into the Trash file. And these days, that says a lot!

  2. Andi, I'm so impressed by you too! You have such a way of finding opportunities everywhere.

  3. Chris, it does say a lot, doesn't it?? I've been so snowed under I haven't had an opportunity to address several requests, but this one really stuck out. So thoughtful.

    Lisa, thank you! It just came to me since social media has been in the front of my mind lately. And she was very nice to craft a thoughtful guest post. Yay!

  4. I rarely ever get such a personal and friendly request, and I would have been amazed with that in itself. It is also wonderful that she is doing a guest post over here, and I can't wait to see it. It sounds like Lowry is one classy lady!

  5. I believe that with relationships on social media there should be give and take and this is the perfect example of that--mutually helping one another to reach a goal. Kudos!

    Plus, I hope you're putting "interactive media diva" on your business card. ;)

  6. I got the same kind of approach from her--and I read the book, actually! And I really liked it. (Rob liked it too, miracle of miracles--we're going to review it soon at IB!)

  7. I agree! Her email really made a difference in my decision to read her book. And happily I really enjoyed the book as well.

  8. Wow, what an amazing email! Can we clone her??


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