Sunday, April 01, 2012

I Feel Another "Stuff Week" Coming On!

Holy upheaval!

The new job is going well. I'm spending lots of hours working since the name of the game in social media is that it never sleeps. Plus, ya know, building a department, more or less, from the ground up! We have lots of cool projects in the works -- some I can type about; others are still super-top-secret. BUT if you'd like a peek, go on over to Especially if you're in higher education, you'll love this publication!

All this to say, I'm gonna have to host another "stuff week" here at the old blog. Some of you might remember I had blogger block back in the fall, and writing about something other than books -- completely taking the pressure off -- really helped rejuvenate me.

 Reading will be back, but it's not back yet. I'm doing lots of photo taking, toddler herding, and social media immersing. Have been exploring the new neighborhoods around work (been 10 years since I worked in downtown Dallas, and now I'm on the uptown/Arts District side). When it comes to reading it's been some fashion and food blogs. And we've been spending time outside in the beautiful weather.

I'm feeling springy and needing some lightness, so I have CHANGED MY BACKGROUND for this little mood. That NEVER happens. I'll also be doing some "favorite things" posts this week about the things that make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Lots of change swirling around me -- the most since Greyson was born -- but it's good! I miss you all terribly, but I'm making my way back into the groove!

What have you been up to?? What's your spring mood like?

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